Posted by: lostty | November 9, 2008

Skip Beat episode 4


The story now “truly” begins!

I really enjoyed this episode and it left me with a good impression about the anime, which is so far turning out very good! So, since the last episode where she decided to give up on entertaining the showbiz, she now got a new job, which is basically just watching cars. She does feel disappointed in herself, but she’s also proud how she was able to get a new job so fast. Though, just when she thinks she can escape her past life, who else but Sho enters in his car with his manager to get it cleaned. This indeed lit the flame of revenge once again in Kyoko’s heart! She continued her job as she should, but soon enough her partner, who is a big Sho fan, decides to ask for an autograph and she also points out Kyoko who was trying to be as least conspicuous as she can. When Kyoko approaches Sho though, she realizes that he doesn’t even recognize her for whom she used to be, which is evidently the ultimate insult. It still surprises me even now that Sho would even think to call Kyoko boring at one point, for someone as dramatic as she is, that seems to be the exact opposite from how you would describe her and it isn’t even a matter of how she is now, she was just as insane before!

Through this meet, with really only one person recognizing each other, Kyko decides to enter the business again! Of course she gets a little encouragement from Taishou, who is a pretty fierce looking Boss, but he really has a good side to him. Kyoko plans out how she will get into LME without having to get caught by the secretaries, which is by going through the staff hallway, but she ends up bumping into an actress on her way to the president’s office. I still find it unrealistic how easily she can get into these areas filled with celebrities and how even if she managed to get into a place, which you would expect to have high security, she even bumps into and meets them. I don’t really know how it works with “serebus” in Japan, but I would think that most would at least have one bodyguard? But moving along…somehow, the actress managed to get Kyoko to hold all of her luggage and soon enough finds herself in front of Ren. It’s kind of amusing seeing him around a bunch of people because for the anime they Really did make him seem tall, so he looks like a giant compared to everyone else!

Anyway, Takenori soon discovers that Kyoko did in fact come back to the industry, which makes both him and the president very excited. Ren begins explaining what the Love Me section is to Kyoko, but she really doesn’t understand what he means because the only thing she bothers to think about is how ridiculous the name is. As Ren continues his explanation, he soon points out that Kyoko is the first official member of the Love Me Section! Kyoko’s reaction to being in the Love Me section was truly priceless! I can’t wait, to see what she thinks of the uniform! So, as I mentioned, I thought that this was a very well done episode. It kept a steady balance of comedy and drama and it advanced the plot quite a lot. The character interpretation form the manga is excellent! Even Sho sort of seems likable in a completely annoying way! The only thing that came to my realization by watching this episode was that this series has an abnormal amount of the pink bubbly backgrounds. Naturally, no shoujo series is complete without them, but I think they may overuse them a bit in Skip Beat. Anyway,  where did this cliche even originate from? The next episode looks like a lot of fun once again, which I’m excited to see. Even though the animation isn’t anything top-notch, I’m still enjoying the series a lot and I hope to see it get only better from here!

an example of bubbly backgrounds



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  2. I really liked this episode as well! I don’t think they overuse the “bubbly” scenes – in fact, I don’t mind them at all so I hardly notice. I love the chibi-ness and demand more! Especially of Sho – gotta love him, man.

  3. @blissmo: I completely agree with you about the chibi parts in the episodes, they really give the series that extra something that makes it original. Yes, Sho really is surprisingly entertaining X)

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