Posted by: lostty | November 11, 2008

Awesome AMVs that I found recently…

I was really disappointed today, I spent most of my afternoon just searching different book stores in hope of finding the newest copy of Fruits Basket. All the regular places where I always find them didn’t have the volume 21, so I’m presuming that it is just because it wasn’t released yet, although I am almost certain it was! Though, all I can really do is check again this weekend and hope it’s there! Anyway, back to the reality of this post, I’m sure most people have seen an amv or two, personally if they are well made, I really enjoy watching them. At one point in my life, I have made one myself, but it was a really pitiful attempt and the only editing program I had was windows movie maker, so you can imagine how bad it was! I at least applaud myself for downloading all the raw versions of the anime, unlike most people who simply use it with subs, which automatically makes the overall product ugly.

Anyway, here are some of the amvs that have really spiked an interest for me in both their creativity and editing. The music also played a big part as well, I must admit. I didn’t make any of them and I’m only sharing because I really enjoyed them all. However, whenever I watch an AMV from a series or movie I haven’t seen yet, it just reminds that I still have so much to see still, but eventually I’ll make it through my “to watch” list! So, I’m almost certain that most people have already seen them, but I’m a bit slow with this, so please bear with it and perhaps revisit it as well, because since the last time you have seen it, you might think of it differently. Enjoy!

and for something more upbeat:



  1. thx for sharing!!!


  2. LOL @ The last one! ^_^

    I haven’t seen any of these anime…but they were pretty nice videos.

    How about showing us your AMV?

  3. I hope you’ll find the newest copy of Fruits Basket soon 🙂

    No, I can’t imaging what the AMV you made looked like – you have to show it to us 🙂 People tend to be overcritical of their own work.

    I really enjoy AMVs and posted about 60 of my favorites so far 🙂 This is a selection of the AMVs that I consider the best from what I’ve seen so far.

    Sometimes the subtitles are left in the AMVs on purpose.

    Indeed, seeing an AMV from an anime you’ve seen bring back the feelings you might have experienced when you saw the animation. Thus, an AMV might affect differently a person who seen the work than the one who hasn’t.

    Excellent AMV selection 🙂 I have not seen any of the anime they featured though.

    Tekkon Kinkreet is very high on my to watch list, and I will cover it sometime this year. I saw that AMV before because I was searching for some AMVs featuring Clint Mansell’s music. It is difficult to choose footage matching such a powerful music, and I feel that to fully appreciate this AMV, knowledge of the anime is necessary. The music that we hear in this Tekkon Kinkreet AMV is from the film The Fountain. It is not a very good film, but I do recommend watching it.

  4. @53RG10: Glad you enjoyed them, and I haven’t seen most of them either….. So much to see in so little time! Anyway, my AMV was made Long ago, I don’t particularly want to share a disaster first attempt, but I’m starting to think it might be fun….

    @Kitsune: Thanks, I hope I find it too! I don’t think I’m overcritical about my AMV though, it just isn’t very good, but I’m thinking about sharing X)
    I knew you’d have something to say about my choices, you always find the best AMVs that I would never find otherwise that are featured on your blog, so I love viewing them. I didn’t realize you made a post, so I’ll definitely check them all out soon. Yes, I usually read user commentaries and such on their own works for AMVs, so I have seen some that have had subs on purpose, but I was implying more over the majority population, which that is not the case. I have seen The Fountain, and I didn’t find it that bad. Besides all the problems, visually it was stunning.

  5. Interesting Read! Very detailed blog,thanks for sharing

  6. @annabelle Goldsby: Thank you very much!

  7. love those amvs there are some more really cool amvs at it gets updated daily 🙂

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