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Vampire Knight Guilty episode 13 + Final Impression

Vampire Knight Guilty is finally over, though I think I may have actually enjoyed it?

Well, when I finished watching this episode, I wanted to see what others though of it and I was surprised to see how many people were ranting about how bad it was! This came as such a surprise to me because I notice a few problems, but the ending, even though a bit unoriginal was not that bad, well at least for my standards of an usual episode of Vampire Knight. Anyway, I’ll go into more details when I get to my final impression. So, what happens in this episode is that Zero is now super strong and with this power he basically kills off Rido in one blow, which was pretty pathetic on Rido’s part. The fight was without a doubt the lamest part of the episode, Rido was meant to be this super strong guy, but judging by how easily he was killed, I just get the impression that his frightening appearance doesn’t match his strength at all. Though, that whole idea really makes Juuri and Haruka seem pathetic and from what we’ve from flashbacks, they were pretty good fighters, but apparently no match for the wimpy Rido who was killed with only one bullet. Anyway, so after Rido’s death everything is now okay and all fine and dandy.Except Kaname decides to go tell his friends from the Night Class who have been helping him all this time that they were simply pawns and they were only there really to keep Yuki safe, but now they can do whatever they want.

When he left, Aido started telling the rest of the Night Class that what Kaname said wasn’t really true because if he really thought of them in that way then he would have just let them die, but I disagree with Aido on that, Kaname really did only care for Yuki and it’s not like he showed any kindness towards anyone else. Though, the Nigh Class was then in the predicament of having too much freedom without knowing what to do with it, Shiki trailed off being so poetic about how he’ll go to break off his curse, while Aido believes that Kaname will just accept him anyway again even if he was rejected. Though, I felt the scene involving the Night Class debating what they would do with their lives was kind of cute. So, the rest of the episode was primarily divided into two parts, the scene between Yuki and Zero and the scene between Kaname and Yuki. Zero and Yuki make the better couple, which is why I preferred their scene over Kaname’s, but they both turned out to be very romantic in their own ways and they were filled with those speeches we tend to get at the end of a series. Though, it was kind of disappointing that the love triangle only lead to a few bites of the neck and some hugs, they were intimate hugs, but they still didn’t manage to beat out the most romantic holding hands moment won by Clannad. Yuki technically decided to leave to school and head off with Kaname, who are shortly followed by other Night Class members, but it is still evident that she is torn between Kaname and Zero.

Zero even told her that they would meet again when he would have to kill her and she realized this fact too, but instead of being upset, she just said I’ll be waiting, which proves that she wants to see Zero again, even if it might mean the end of her life. Shiki and Rima decide to look through the rummage, which is when he finds Ichijou’s sword and decides it would be only right to return and with a box of Pocky in hand, Rima decides to follow his as well.

In general, it turned out to be pretty conclusive except for the fact that Zero is now all alone at the school and Yuki’s friend Yori is also alone. Though, I’m glad that for the most part they managed to close off any gaps their might have been, but with Yuki ending the series by saying “I’ll be waiting Zero” also leaves us with the possibility of another sequel. I personally don’t think there is much chance for another sequel, but anything is possible. Anyway, as much as the classic “I’ll be waiting” ending has been done before, I really didn’t mind it all that much. I wasn’t really expecting her to choose a lover anyway. My only really big problem with this episode was the fight with Rido, it could have at least been longer. Though, everything else was at least entertaining.

Final Impression

The first season of Vampire Knight was already nothing really to rave about and with the second season, there wasn’t much change from the first. Though, my main problem with this season was that nobody took any chances! It’s not like the writer couldn’t have let Yuki actually choose someone, I would imagine that they were just afraid that some people would be upset. Personally, even if Yuki didn’t end up with the person I wanted, at least it would be better than just staying undecided and leaving us at that. The animation is pretty much exactly the same as the first season, though I guess there were less moments with bad facial expressions. Though, unlike what most have been saying, I did enjoy this season more than the last. At one point at roughly episode 8, the story started to get more interesting and they had a lot more action scenes, which turned out to be well done (besides the one in the last episode). Though in the end, Vampire Knight Guilty is still Vampire Knight, which isn’t a very good thing. It never lived up the manga and even thinking back on the manga now, I realize that the manga wasn’t any diamond in the ruff itself. I don’t think this is really a series worth watching, honestly the series really only managed to disappoint. There were moments where the series was good, but not enough actually to make a difference. Shiki was always good though!




























  1. In the manga, Yuuki chose Kaname and pretty much said it to Zero that she loved Kaname. They kissed and part ways with Zero saying he will kill her the next time they meet. I believe it will be a while till an anime sequel since the manga is also at this point and the author need time to tell the second part of her manga story. I have a feeling Yuuki will be with Zero in the end since we are only halfway in the manga.

  2. @xdotx: Having read the manga as well, I would agree with you, but the fact that they kissed and everything, shows that she does have feelings for Zero as well. It is evident that the author intends to leave the love triangle still open for the mangas future. As I mentioned, I also believe any sort of sequel is doubtful even if they did have more manga material. I agree with you that in the end, I think Zero will end up with Yuki.

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    • This episode was wonderful…i can’t wait to add it to my site lolz

  4. The last episode was pretty crappy. Enough said…

  5. indeed

  6. i agree that the ending was not that good….. okay it sucked big time and im hoping there will be a sequel as well. in the end i really do hope yuki and zero end up a together, beacuse if you thing about it they make the best couple, but we will have to wait a long time.

  7. wth was with that ending he killed the strongist guy 1 hit like O.o

  8. i don’t understand???

    yuuki kuran finally with kaname or zero???

    i want vampire knight anime in animax tv started in tv …

    it’s coz i want to see vampire knight ….

    pleaseeeeeeeeee …………

  9. At the end my conclusion is that Kaname is an arrogant snob. He used Ruka as his mistress while Yuuki was growing up. And when Yuuki finally did, he pushed Ruka her aside and used his so called pawns to protect her. That’s like, so egoistic. That Night Class really cared about Kaname, and he SO didn’t! I find it pathetic that they couldn’t see through him. He’s a pureblood, so what? He’s nothing without his gang. I wouldn’t be surprised, if in the end, all he would need were Yuuki’s powers or something!

    You know, ZERO doesn’t need a bunch of screaming girls and a vampire gang to prove that he’s HOT… which makes him a TRUE Vampire Knight! Period.

    • He only drank Ruka’s blood once. Just sayin 🙂

  10. Just because Kaname was distant and cautious, does not mean he didn’t care for anyone. Because he was considered royalty, he was treated differently, and because of that felt ‘apart’ from everyone. As most only saw him by a title and not the real him. At least until he meets Hanabusa Aido.

    The episode that show his childhood, give us a view of that. He didn’t didn’t choose to be a pureblood- he was born one. Nor did he choose to have an entourage, or screaming girls, he didn’t care for them. they were just there.

    He loved yuuki, and did all in his power to make sure she was protected. Even what he did for Zero, was because he knew if THAT happened to Zero that it was upset yuuki. Kaname had a calm sadness about him.

    Alot of poeple bash him/ make him seem worse then he is, because they want yuuki to end up with zero.

    Personally, i like both Zero and Kaname. They both have there own way of growing on you. I think she did well by going with Kaname, aside from the fact that she loves him, he is extremelly devoted and protective of her, and of course in love with her.

    I could see how a relationship with zero would have been possible as well, but i think it might have been harder, as Zero seems to still hate the vampiric part of himself and vampires in general. Also swearing to kill yuuki if they ever meet again- although wether or not he intends to go throught with this is unknown.

    Maybe with time, yuuki could have made him change his view.

    I’m considering reading the manga to see how the story really goes down, as anime version usually differ a bit from the original concept. =)

  11. erm….i want a season 3 x]
    i got lost in the manga o.o i dont no where i was at x

  12. Zero loved Yuuki so much, he let her go. Yuuki loved both Zero and Kaname, but knew Zero could take the hurt better then Kaname could, because Kaname’s whole existance and actions are/were for her (plus Kaname could kill Zero without even looking at him, and Yuuki does not want them to fight cause she loves them both). Sometimes love is forbidden, and one must fulfill their duty over their true love, sucks but one cannot be selfish (dharma)

    • I like your interpretation! You know, I actually really liked the series which is why I was curios to read the responses it got. I thought all of the characters and their conflicts were incredibly satisfying, which is why it was hard to pick a favorite between Kaname and Zero, though I would have to say I lean towards Zero. Until I read these responses, and found out that she kissed Zero in the end of the magna, I thought it was obvious she chose Kaname. Zero gave her the option to maintain a relationship with him by choosing to regard her as human in spite of it all. This is the same approach the chairman and Zero’s master took with him when he was turning into a vampire. Her humanity outweighed classification to him at this point. She was the one that decided to give him evidence he couldnt ignore, by taking his blood, an action which he thought (quite hypocritically) was revolting. It seems like she wanted to separate their worlds. But since she kissed him, maybe she did this to make it easier for him to get over her perhaps? Who knows their not real people. Then she leaves with Kaname even after she’s felt how much Zero loves her when she drinks his blood. This to me was hardcore evidence that Kaname was the one she chose. Especially since she continually said she loved Kaname and never admitted to any feelings for Zero.

      • I haven’t read the manga, but I have read up on the storylines. They changed the ending of the first arc in this episode. In the manga, it’s Yuki, not Kaname, who fights Rido with Zero. She hits him with Artemis and Zero gives the final blow. Kaname doesn’t seem to be anywhere near the battle because he swoops in as Zero is pointing his gun at Yuki. They fight because Kaname is furious he turned his gun on Yuki. He leaves so Zero and Yuki can talk, Zero bites and kisses Yuki, and then makes his promise to kill her next time they meet after telling her to go with Kaname. She responds by saying she will run to give him a reason to live. She doesn’t bite him.

        It’s described that she was so torn about leaving because she was leaving her friendship with Zero in shambles. She was actually so heartbroken over losing him, especially after realizing what the kiss meant. She realized he loved her but their relationship was shattered. Unable to cope with being Zero’s enemy over something she can’t change (being a vampire), she actually somehow “locks up her pained heart.”

        So while it may have been frustrating to watch Yuki not really choose one of the two boys, it actually matches what happens in the manga. She didn’t want to lose either of them, but she lost Zero. That tore her up inside, and I think at the moment, she didn’t fully know why. She didn’t realize she loved both of them. She was torn up because the friend she had known and protected and trusted for years now saw her as an enemy. Add to the fact that she loves him as well and you’ve got enough reasons to have a mini breakdown. She chose to go with Kaname because she does love him; she knew how she felt about Kaname. She was always questioning how she felt about Zero, and he didn’t help things with his distancing himself and cryptic statements like “What am I to you?” That was his way of asking if she felt anything more than friendship towards him; Yuki somewhat got what he was asking but didn’t know how to answer.

        I hated that he said he saw his friends as pawns. I am still not sure if that was true. I like to think he does care for them, especially Ichijo, but if he needs to use them in order to protect Yuki, he will. I also was annoyed when he said everything went just as he knew it would. I’m sorry, but if even one thing had gone wrong with his plans, Yuki would have died. He protected her in the most roundabout ways. For example, instead of breaking Zero out of his cell to go kill Rido’s inanimate body, he revives Rido and then tells Zero to kill him. Can you not kill a vampire when they’re in “hibernation” mode? What if Zero couldn’t kill him? While I understand and admire his protective instincts, the ways he did it were so risky.

        I also hate how Kaname taunted Zero all the time about his status as a vampire and a pawn. Sure, Zero got in his jabs and showed contempt for Kaname, but Kaname knew what was happening and probably knew how Zero felt. Instead of showing compassion, he tauntingly asks if he’s feeling okay, tells him he’s only alive because Yuki wouldn’t forgive him if he killed him, and even said that his blood in Zero’s veins meant Kaname was the one really protecting Yuki. They both were! I know Zero had his moments of brutish behavior, but I never felt like he was emotionally bullying anyone.

        Zero has some growing to do, to come to terms with his vampire nature and his natural skills as a hunter. He needs to learn not all vampires are bad. That is probably partly why she left with Kaname. At the moment, Zero couldn’t accept Yuki as a vampire because he couldn’t accept himself.

        I would love to see more seasons since the manga is done, especially since we get to see Aido question his loyalty to Kaname and actually side with Yuki over Kaname.

  13. i like to see Kaname bite zero create bloodbond and to feel something is different about Zero blood when he bites Zero to find out about blood and like see KAname and Zero when they fight that some thing will happen between them, Kamane go up against aonther powerful ancient vampire get hurt real bad and Yuuki not around not anyone else Kaname need blood and Zero happen to appears know that Kaname need blood and Zero and kaname makes i deal!!

  14. OMG!!! I so hated Yuuki attitude when talking to Zero at the end, it was al hai hai… like she didn’t care.

    I hate to say this, but if seemed that Zero is no match for Kaname in Yuuki’s life.
    Oh gosh, wish I was an anime girl, that way I would have no problem with Yuuki finally pairing u with Kaname, that would leave Zero for me jajaja *lame comment*

    Anyway Zero rulz!

  15. i think it was really good and i totally want zero to end up with yukki

  16. I really liked this anime a lot and I was very pissed seeing it’s 2011 already and it came out in 2008 that there isn’t a season 3….. I agree the ending was very crappy and should of been beefed up some, but my opinion is whether it be Zero, or Kaname I’m leaning more toward Kaname as I read the other comments made I do agree that he loves Yuuki a lot and did everything in is right mind to protect her….. However I do believe Zero would do the same. I hope if this anime ever comes out with season 3 that Zero does not kill Yuuki as from my point of view it would mess up the entire thing, but if he was able to kill Kaname that would make it somewhat better….. How ever I highly doubt that would ever happen. Overall I think Kaname is the better choice for Yuuki, not just because it was supposed to be that way but also because of his attitude toward the whole thing. Zero on the other hand is very iffy on whether or not he would kill Yuuki, but again I highly doubt it. Anyway to anyone reading this comment if you have strange emotions and got all crazy when they didn’t have a sequel to season 2 just remember it’s always a possibility. ( I know I went crazy lol….. )

  17. best couple : zero X kaname (forget yuki she cant make her damn mind who to choose)
    kill the love triangle.she chose kaname right.Now just introduce another
    sexy ancient cool mysterious vampirehunter/pureblood vampire chick or something or zero and he is so happy with the new chick he forgets the one who left him…..:) and this makes yuki jealous later….that wud be fun to read with laughs….yea dats wat u get yuki…

  18. I feel wossy
    I totaly cried at the last scene with Zero. How he was remembering the old days when Yuki would stop the day class from the night class. I’m so totally for YukixZero i think there a good match. In total the end wasn’t the best for me. Any way since its 2011 people who have bI hav these weird een in touch with the manga I think there is a good possibility Zero and Yuki could bring back their non angry relationship. If u hav no idea what im talkin about check the latest chapters. I have these weird suspicion there is a sequel called Vampire Knight Destiny but only i n Japan. There just suspicions though.

  19. Zero wants to kill Yuki and hates her now that he knows she was always a pureblood like Kaname. First of all, Zero is a hating prick and wants to kill all vampires even if they are good. Kaname killed only bad vampires who deserved it. Kaname was a prick to Zero because Zero was to him.
    Zero’s parents killed the lover and true love of the vampire who made him. She didn’t do it just for fun like the pureblood vampire who was her fiance or soemthing. She loved the human who she made vampire who he had zero’s parents kill.
    Kaname is not really Yuki’s brother, he was the ancestor of the Kuran family and all vampires at that. He took the place of the real Kaname when he was killed. Yuki’s parents raised The ancestor vampire who took child form to be their child and knew it. So Kaname was always good and Yuki’s parents knew it. If you go by anime and manga during same arcs, you know Kaname loves Yuki more than Zero. Zero’s love comes from dependcy instead of true love. He loves her for her blood, draining her and giving him reason to live since he hates himself..

  20. I LOVED the whole Vampire Knight episodes. I enjoyed watching them all. It would be nice if there was season three. Vampire Knight sort of reminds me of Twilight with the love triangle vibe.

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  22. Why see it as Rido’s weakness, why not see it as Zero’s strength. Probably Zero was so strong that he could finish off Rido in one attack and apparently Kaname too.

  23. i hate yuki so much she didn’t cares about zero s feelings .she cares only about her lorde kaaname

  24. i feel kinda upset on how it ended like COME ON … Zero really loves Yuki its pretty obvious, but it really hurt me when he said he would have to kill her next time. although i doubt that would happen🤔. what im trying to say is why couldnt Yuki and Zero just be happy together because shes a pure blood now😔(sigh) i really hoped it wouldn’t end like that even if Kanime is a nice guy i just couldn’t see it that way😔😭

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