Posted by: lostty | January 15, 2009

Clannad -After Story- episode 13


Drunk Nagisa FTW!

Being back at school has really effected my blogging time, so I’m sorry for all the late posts. I’ve decided to make this post short though, considering it has been awhile since the episode was released and thus, retelling the events in the episode in specific would prove useless. Anyway, on to the adorableness of this episode! The main events in this episode is that Tomoya wanted to get the approval from Akio to marry Nagisa, but before Tomoya could even ask him anything, Akio simply said that he would only agree with whatever Tomoya said if he would be able to hit one of Akio’s pitch. Except, that task is harder for Tomoya with his messed up arm and such. Though, with enough determination and practice, he accomplishes the task and does get Nagisa’s hand in marriage. In other events in the episode, in the third term of Nagisa’s school year, she gets sick again, but she doesn’t have to repeat again considering she had an almost perfect attendance record throughout the time before. Though, when she is sick, the only thing that she really misses that makes an impact on her, is her graduation.

Yet, the dedicated Tomoya decides to find a solution to this, which is by calling all his friends up and organizing a date where they can all meet back at the school when Nagisa is better to give her the graduation that she deserves. Nagisa’s graduation scene was really touching, she gave a whole speech that simply filled you with good feelings! Though, we then get an unexpected ending that I guess was more abrupt over anything, which is that Nagisa and Tomoya are now married! We didn’t get to see any ceremony or anything! I never really liked the whole wedding episode in series, but I at least wanted to see the kiss! All we really got was an adorable holding hand moment, but it wasn’t anything new! As much as I was disappointed at least the rest of the episode was really cute. Also, as I mentioned in the above image, one of the best parts of the episode was without a doubt the scene where Nagisa gets drunk. She got drunk extremely fast though, but when she, she started demanding to be closer to Tomoya, which is when she started asking Tomoya if he was in love with her mother.

Although, when Tomoya turned to Sanae for help, he was disappointed to discover that she got drunk as well. It really was an extremely comical moment, that could really only be seen to “believe”. In general, besides the fact that no kiss is apparently in site, it was another really emotional and touching episode. All the characters really seem more mature now and this episode showed this best.. For example, Tomoya seems older, especially at the begins of the episode when he was wearing that very fancy outfit. Also, at the graduation, when we got to see all the characters again, we realized that within a year, everyone has changed dramatically, the biggest change for a character is without a doubt Youhei’s. Much like in the Tomoyo chapter, he has now dyed his hair black and is working at a very strict company. I really think that the second season of Clannad may be better than the first, either way it really is delivering the same hits that the first season did, which I say in a positive way. I have an idea where the series is going, but no matter what happens, I just want to see the kiss!














  1. lol this was my favorite episode because Nagisa was so cute when she was drunk.
    Yeah, Nagisa is my favorite character, which is why I hate the second half of the show. T_T

    Yeah, my e-mail,, was made from Fuko from Clannad lol

  2. I haven’t watched this anime yet but it looks cute!

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