Posted by: lostty | October 20, 2008

Vampire Knight Guilty episode 2

I missed you Shiki!

Naturally, I had to blog this series because first off, I already blogged the first season and it would only be right to blog the second and when it comes to Vampire Knight, I can talk like a total idiot and nobody really seems to care for my ranting. Anyway, the main purpose of this episode was to show that Yuki has to choose between her two lovers. Last week, Yuki and Zero got to have their intimate moment and this week it was Kaname and Yuki’s turn. So, what happens is that while Yuki was with her friend Yori, they come across a little child who wants to know where his mom is. How naive can Yuki be? She always falls for the innocent looking vampire child trick! In the “vampire world”, a party for noble vampires are coming that night and non of the students even seem that excited; it is hosted by Aido’s family. Shiki gets himself some screen time as he was putting on his nice purple attire… Ya, I’m not too sure what is the deal with the purple outfit, but what upset me more was that they made his butt look hideous! Those dress pants were just disappointing, they made him look soggy and less manly, but at least his face was still beautiful. Honestly, is it just me or is Shiki always eating a Pocky in the anime. I’m starting to wonder whether Shiki is like endorsed by the company or something, but I highly doubt it.

Kaname also actually seems to be looking more attractive this season, he has his aloof attitude and his cold words towards everyone besides Yuki, the words “Cool and Spicy” run through my mind if you get the pun. Anyway, back in Yuki’s life where she was following the child he eventually stops and thanks her for bringing him to where he wanted to go. Though, as a thank you, he kissed her on the cheek which made her faint on the spot. Kain and Aido find her on the ground and bring her to Kaname’s room. When she awakes, Kaname tells her that he has to go back to the party, but he will be back so she should wait inside the room. When Yuki recalls a part of her past, I find it way too obvious, at least in the manga they were discreet. I’m sure anyone can put the pieces together with the hints they gave away in this episode. As Yuki waits for Kaname, who else does she see, but the little child himself and this time she follows him AGAIN just to see if he really did find his mom because obviously that’s the smartest thing to do after he left her unconscious and Kaname specifically told her not to leave the room, but that’s Yuki for you!

When Shiki gets more screen time again, the writers make another indiscreet plot line to come involving him when you hear what his uncle tells him. Though, no matter how stupid these little hints are to me, Shiki screen time is always good. Zero eventually learns that Ichiru is still hanging about and Ichiru mentions some more plot secrets to come. How much foreshadowing does this series plan on using? Anyway, after Yuki sneaks out and sees everyone at the party, Kaname notices her and guides her back to his room where they both have a little romantic moment together. I was actually surprised by how sweet this scene actually was, it’s abnormally for this anime to actually make a good transition from the manga, but I really did love this scene!

I actually didn’t mind this episode that much compared to others, but just as you would expect it did have its faults. I’m glad that the series isn’t using all those stupid comedy moments like it did at the beginning of the first season and none of them were ever even funny. The series is going to only get more serious from here and I think the anime does the more serious scenes better than the lighthearted ones, so I’m interested to see how they take on the story. It seems that more and more people are rooting for a Kaname and Yuki ending, but I’m still expecting for Yuki to end up with Zero and I think that no matter how you look at it, she will. Unless, he dies honorably protecting her somehow from a vampire’s wrath of some sort, but I seriously doubt that. So for the next episode, based on the manga it will be probably revolving mostly around the night class. A Shiki centric episode is also soon to come I would think either this week or next week, you can expect that post to be picture intensive for sure!



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  2. I don’t like how Kaname is too scheming while he makes Zero do his bidding and ‘washes his hands’ off at him when things get ugly. Poor Zero.

    And Rima FTW!

  3. @7: Kaname has always been that way. It’s probably only because the only “Pure Blood” thing gets to his head 🙂
    Rima is good character because in my world it means Shiki can’t be too far away X)

  4. I’m gay

  5. @nanih: Good for you 🙂

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