Posted by: lostty | January 8, 2009

Top 10 Best Male Characters of 2008


Another random image to start off this post 🙂

This is the day everyone finds out that I have a hair fetish…

10.Yoite (Nabari no Ou)

What more can I say besides the fact that he is really just one cool guy? He had some great development in the series, at first he’s the supper strong guy with the whole Kira technique, but soon enough you find yourself feeling badly for him. He always intrigued me because he really was the “mystery man” of Nabari no Ou.

9. Sebastian Michaelis (Kuroshitsuji)

This year, was truly a year for the butlers, and Sebastien proved himself worthy of not only my list, but to why butlers rock in the first place! Though, his outstanding butler abilities aren’t only limited to common chores, but he can dodge bullets and win fights within seconds, he can even avoid death altogether with. He truly is the best demon butler you can ever have!

8. Raven (Hakushaku to Yousei)

Raven is really the only reason I keep watching Earl and Fairy, besides himself the series is kind of boring. He also shows how cool servants can really be. He has the awesome glowing eyes and the mature attitude that somehow always manages to draw you in rather than away. Yay to more Butlers!

7. Casshern (Casshern)

Besides the fact that I am absolutely in love with his head of hair, I also think he has some other great qualities. For example, he has that whole mystery-man feel to him. He also can fight like nobody else, even though he doesn’t really want to, which shows that he also has a sensitive side. He also has some amazing arm muscles! In all, he’s just one cool guy…robot, cyborg thing.

6.  Kuukai Souma (Shugo Chara!)

When he graduated and left the guardians, I was absolutely torn! Not only does his character always bring a small to my face, but his transformation is also pretty cool (unlike Tadase). He is really underrated, but I consider that a good case because when it comes to Shugo Chara, some of the fans can be very annoying… He has a lot of very good qualities, he’s cute, energetic and athletic! Even if he doesn’t appear often anymore, I still don’t forget him and I don’t think I will anytime soon.

5. Death the Kid (Soul Eater)

Death the Kid truly is Awesomeness! By his first appearance in the series, I knew he was going to be my favourite character in Soul Eater. Even though his symmetry obsession gets annoying, I don’t see how anyone could just strait out say it wasn’t somewhat amusing. He also has some great hair and his weapons are all just so great! He can use his guns upside down, while pulling on the triggers with his pinkie fingers, which is very impressive when you think about it; my fingers would be too weak and short…

Good Shiki images are nowhere to be found?

4. Senri Shiki (Vampire Knight)

Shiki is amazing! He has that whole bed-head thing going for him. Although I appreciate him more in the manga, I’m at least happy that he gets more screen time in the anime. This has really been his year to shine and even if he still isn’t getting all the attention he deserves, he is much more noticed than before. He may be just a side character, but his aloof attitude and looks have brought him to the top! I was originally not a fan of him, until I really realized that he was the only one who never managed to annoy me and after that, I slowly started to realize more things about him that I loved until I really became fan!

3. Ikuto Tsukiyomi (Shugo Chara!)

Ikuto is the best thing about Shugo Chara! I don’t think I would ever be as big of a fan if he didn’t appear in it. He may technically be on the “bad side”, but it’s evident that he has morals. Also, I originally liked that quality about him (where is the villain appreciation these days?), but afterward we learned that he evidently didn’t really want to be with anyone from Easter at all. Not only do I have a hair-fetish, but I also love my Cat-Boys and naturally Ikuto would fall in this category. Though, in general he is such an appealing character, I would imagine it would be very hard to dislike him.

2. Tomoya Okazaki (Clannad)

If anyone reads my posts on Clannad, I’m sure they have noticed that I am always bound to mention something about Tomoya. On the superficial aspect, he’s completely gorgeous! He has everything going for him, but also when it comes to personality, I love him just as much! His character has developed so much, he used to be that sexy delinquent and now he’s a caring and emotional hard working guy. What more could I ask for? He really is one of my favourite leads from a series in a while!

1. Lelouch Lamperouge (Code Geass)

I know this is probably expected, but it’s kind of hard not to love Lelouch. He can be totally evil, but you can without a doubt, tell he at least has good intentions and he would basically sacrifice himself for the good of the world! Something about devious and intelligent people has always been a turn on and his nice hair and purple eyes are also very appealing! In this year of Code Geass, he proved how awesome he really can be and how worthy he is of this list, I’m sure anyone who has seen the series would agree. I miss you Lelouch!!!



  1. I kinda only did watch Vampire Knight up to episode 8 for Shiki, but I gave up afterwards. T_T I’ll think I’ll be satisfied with just looking at him now.

    Lulu’s my number one too ~ When Code Geass ended, I just pushed to the top passing Matt. I feel like crying everytime I hear “Continue Stories” from the OST.

  2. Top 3 = Awesome! 😉

    I won’t go into detail as I’ll question my sexuality…>_>

  3. Interesting selection 🙂 I have not seen most of the anime the guys come from, but I am glad you found my Raven picture useful 🙂

  4. Nice choice for 3… nice choice ;D

  5. @saimaisama: Shiki really was the best thing about Vampire Knight, but considering the amount of time he’s in it, it’s probably for the better that you dropped the series.
    Whenever I see any episode it almost brings me to tears!

    53RG10: Tehee, thanks! 🙂

    @Kitsune: Thank you so much for the Raven picture by the way! I couldn’t find any other of that size and quality. Kuukai was also hard to find an image for, but I discovered a scan eventually!

    @Karen: Does that mean all the other choices are bad?! (I’m joking if you can’t notice), Thanks!

  6. i vote for Death the Kid,man!!
    he’s so COOLL…XD

  7. …I just drooled a little…GOOOOOO IKUTO!!!!#3

    …hey wait a sec…

  8. hunny of ouran high should be the TOP 1!!!

  9. @Lorena: It’s of the year 2008 >_>

  10. […] From Anime Princess […]

  11. I love lelouch he is my number one on my list…

    • Me too…

      • Me too

  12. Ah, I thought Death the Kid would be 1st. I love him a lot! I guess…

    But L is always 1st in my list. Hahah.

  13. wtf they looks like gays wheres the real female characters like zaraki or unle iroh .

    • totally agree. But as far as pretty boys go, gate 7 has some pretty good ones.

  14. hmm.. they all look the same… except No 6

  15. i think they look good…..i guess. but i personally 100%….well maybe 99% think that in vampire knight shiki could be replaced by Zero….just saying.

    • in anime men and women look the same…..the hair is just different…. these anime fangirls/boys should get some real life interest to goggle at

  16. Apart 2008,if u consider the whole century i think obviously tamahome of fushigi yuugi would be#1 & inuyasha be #2.Anyway ur survey was good &do something 4 the cute girls too in future…

  17. Takimishi Kei is the best one for 2009 for me

    • whoa totally. im gonna check that out

  18. I love Ikuto!

  19. Yeah! Kuukai’s on the list! [/fist pump]

  20. No kyo-kun ( fruits basket) or Syaoran (tsubasa reservoir chronicle)? WAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. I agree 3000% that Ikuto, Kuukai, DtK, Shiki, and Yoite belong on this wonderful list of ours!! x3 Especially Kid. I friggin love Soul Eater 2 DA MAX! ^3^

  22. ikutoo ❤ x3

  23. You should try to watch princess resurrection.

  24. I really like Tsubasa Chronicles,you should watch it…….

  25. awh!! crazy!!!
    ikutoooo!!! love forever ever after!!!!

  26. w3w casshern! youre on the top….nicE xD…..i will always watch it !~

  27. YES LELOUCH!! I totally love him!!! Aww I miss him 😦

  28. Shiki and Tomoya thumbs UP!
    🙂 but the main character in Code Geass “Rurushu” is the best!

  29. Okay, Sebastain would totally be my #1! I fell in love with him as soon as I watched the series, infact the only reason I got here was cause I was looking for a good picture of him, lol! I was sorely dissapointed to find out that the plots in the manga and anime wee completely different. So I read the manga and now Im awaiting the release of chapter 52! For anyone interested in watching this anime, READ THE MANGA FIRST!!! It will be easier for you if you do, bc in kuroshitsuji 2, it has no relevence to the manga whatsoever. Though I would be happy if thats how the manga ends, cause it was cool. Peace out homies! 🙂

  30. Lelouch is my number one. My number two Kururugi Suzaku.

  31. Lelouch’s intelligence is only based on the fact that everyone around him are idiots. Can’t prove somebody intelligence unless they’re up against someone they really have to think to fight.

    • haha

  32. I felt guilty when you mentioned how annoying Shugo Chara fans can be…

  33. Heehee, Tomoya is at number 2 for me too :D! I think I like Shiki too because everyone else in vampire knight are acting like dopes. I also feel super bad for Yoite, I cried at the end of the series TT^TT, wimper…I’m still crying…poor dude…!

  34. you like the gayest anime characters ever.

  35. super-skinny, girly, and annoying. Girls can trick themselves to liking anything, if they like these.
    Btw, this post is from a girl and I like none of these characters. Sometimes I wonder if these characters are designed to look pretty to both men and women. Bitches. How can such a pointy person as Lelouch be sexy? Sure he’s intelligent, but that can’t offset the point that he looks ugly as fuck.

  36. I’m so sorry if that upset all the fans who like Lelouch, but I needed to let that out. Girls need to start liking real men instead of these, er, you can’t even call them human ^_^. hah. Or atleast watch anime to enjoy the plot. haha. squeal squeal… its anime character! keeeee;;;..he looks like a girl but he’s real nice.. keeee. I’m supposed to like him, so i should, rite..
    So I’m thinking the blogger is a really nice girl who likes to appreciate people for their personality no matter how funny and not like their gender they look. Either that or its a gay man, because all these people look gay.


  38. Yayy Tomoya!! He’s number one for me! 😀 Lelouch is also in my top 10 as well. You have a great list.

  39. Yeah I like shiki but not that much to put him in a list but i love zero and i tottaly Madly deeply in love with leloush also i love sabastien and Tomoya

  40. Are you fucking kidding me? If senri shiki is her where the hell is zero kiryu?

  41. Are you fucking kidding me? If sennri shiki is here where the hell is zero kiryu?

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