Even Older (from most recent to oldest):






  1. My favorite banner is the second from the bottom: girl with blue hair and a scarf. The scene is filled with motion and joy of life illustrated with a pleasant soft palette šŸ™‚

  2. Kawaii~ they are all so cute! I would have to say the second, third, fifth, and seventh and 8th.
    please upload more1!

  3. @Kitsune: I really like that one myself, I made it for the holiday season, it’s also my avatar for Anime Nano X)

    @Samson: Thank you very much. I’ll add more to the list when I change my banner next, which I guess will be relatively soon.

  4. Hmm… Very dark industrial atmosphere on this current banner.

  5. i luvvles the first one is it shiki and rima?

  6. @sakuraisho: Thanks, although it’s actually Amu and Ikuto from Shugo Chara! Though, Shiki and Rima is a good idea for a next banner….

  7. Bootiful

  8. @lostty: oops. its still really nice!

  9. hot boys here and really nice.

  10. zero and yuki look good for each other

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