Posted by: lostty | May 10, 2008

Kurenai episode 5

Another great episode, I really just can’t get enough of this series. It was a more “quiet” episode where not much happened, but it was still just as enjoyable as any other episode and the time honestly just seemed to have flew by I was enjoying myself so much. I can get so easily absorbed by this series, as I watch everything else around me just goes away and my full concentration id divided towards the episode. It was also another episode filled with Murasaki cuteness, which is always a plus! The story was about Kurenai and Murusaki who go visit Yuuno’s home. There, Yuuno and Kurenai are off on there own practicing there fighting skills while Murusaki is expected to play with Yuuno’s little sister Chizuru. Chizuru is only 5 years old and is very shy, but I found that whoever voiced her character was amazing! I wouldn’t have been surprised is it was an actual 5 year old child. Murusaki’s newest “fad” is watching television, which she watches all day and throughout the episode quotes lines from series she’s seen; it’s so cute! Though, Chizuru has a different interest, which is playing on her Nintendo DS (lucky her, I don’t have any DS, though I’d rather get a wii anyway). When Murusaki decides to get a turn playing she actually breaks the screen, which destroys the whole system. I was so shocked when it was broke, I actually felt bad for Chizuru, though I’m surprised Murusaki was actually able to break the screen, those things are pretty thick. Anyway, there friendship only went downhill from there because after that Murusaki broke the doll by ripping the arm out, it was hilarious when she pleaded with Chizuru saying “it’s okay! I saw how to fix this on ER24!”

The practice between Yuuno and Kurenai was really interesting and well done; since that was only a practice I’m curious to how the next real fight is going to be. When Murusaki and Kurenai got home they ate lots of food with the neighbors (yay, for them). It was actually one of the best parts of the episode because the conversation between them all was so funny and cute. We learned a bit about Kurenai’s arm sword thing, which wasn’t that interesting, but was brief and essential. The previews from all the series this season really make it impossible to tell anything that might happen next, which is technically a good thing, but leaves me saying that all I can tell from the next episode is that a lot of people are going to be talking; not really useful I suppose?



  1. Chizuru was voiced by Imagawa Reina 今川怜奈. She isn’t six…but she is eleven. Here are two Japanese pages about her, with pics:

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