Posted by: lostty | January 2, 2009

Top 10 Best Female Characters of 2008


Completely irrevelent picture to start off this post -Gao!


10. Murasaki Kuhouin (Kurenai)

Her cuteness alone is reason enough to be on this list, but the fact that she is stubborn, spoiled and to some degree mature has in some bizarre way captured my heart! Though, even as the series drags on, we get to see her softer side, which really demonstrates how human she can be.

9. Hana “Hatchin” Morenos (Michiko to Hatchin)

My like for Hatchin is weird you could say, she isn’t the type of character I usually like. She is always wanting to do what is right, no matter how hard the task is. She is such a strong character and her development is always apparent as we slowly learn her struggles from both her past life and even her life with Michiko. It also helps that I like her mop-hair!

8. Chiaki (Shigofumi)

Chiaki was my favourite part of Shigofumi! She is always filled with emotions and was always used as comic relief throughout the series. She was also another character who had a hard past, but her presence was always appreciated by me and she never failed to bring a smile to my face!

7. Yuuka Midarezaki (Kyouran Kazoku Nikki)

Wow, I’m starting to see a similarity among all my characters and their pasts… Well, Yuuka always sort of disturbs me, she is adorable and always appears to be happy, but then she gets these moments where she just acts extremely depressed. Though, the reason why I love her is because she is such a kind person in a wacky family. She always wants to help everyone out even if nobody really does the same for her. She really is an underrated character!

6. Horo (Spice and Wolf)

Horo hasn’t received enough appreciation this year, but she really is such an awesome character! Her demands and apple obsession always amuse me and whenever it is needed, she really shows off the true meaning of being a wolf. Her selfish attitude is enough to make anyone laugh. Though, even if for the most part she appears to be useless for Lawrence, she proves to be very useful in her persuasive skills! She truly has it all!


5. Nagisa Furukawa (Clannad)

Nagisa is cute, naive, kind and so much more. She really is a fighter, even though she needs encouragement every now and then, she still always wants to achieve her goals and help other along the way. Where would Tomoya be without her anyway? When I was originally watching the first season, the moment Nagisa spoke about her love for the Dango Family, I was sold! Ever since then, she has proved herself to be nothing short from amazing!

4. Nagi (Kannagi)

What can’t Nagi do? She sings, dances and watches anime all while being a Goddess who cleanses the world from impurities. She has a hilarious personality and is the best thing about Kannagi. She is the best thing to have ever came out of a piece of wood!

3. Utau Hoshina (Shugo Chara!)

I love Amu, I really do, but something about Utau is just so much more interesting to me. She is the perfect example of good girl gone bad gone good (which probably makes no sense in written form). She is one of my favourite parts about the series, besides Ikuto of course. She grows as a character so much and you can really see how she can be both an innocent person and someone who is devious judging from her Guardian Characters. Her singing ability is also obviously awesome! I only wish she appeared in more episodes!

2. Yoshinoya (Hidamari Sketch x 365)

The biggest surprise for me was how much I loved Yoshinoya-sensei! She is the teacher I always wish I had, even though when I think about it, I have a feeling that she would probably annoy me… Anyway, at least in the anime I can rant about my love for her forever! She is trapped in the mind of a teenager and never seems to act anywhere near mature. She wears slipper instead of shoes and loves cosplaying! Though, she also is able to show dedication to her school life because she does love her students, she even makes them Christmas cards every year!


1. Fuko Ibuki (Clannad)

Yes, this may appear as a weird choice for many, but I love Fuko so much! She is my Makoto from Kanon for Clannad. I react at every mention of her name with uncontrollable joy! Rather than Dangos, she loves Starfish, which is simply hilarious! Though, her arc has brought tears to my eyes and even if she is forgotten, she still tries to help out in situation, even if her help never turns out to be very useful. The fact that she hasn’t appeared in After Story has pained me, but having seen her in the opening for barely a second, I know she will return! Fuko is by some weird fate…my true happiness!



  1. Yes! Nagisa and Utau! I am now happy with another best of 2008 post.

    Though you’re damn right. Utau needs to be in more episode (she better start stalking Amu to find Ikuto soon!!! Being around Amu guarantees being in an episode.).

    I am confused by Fuuko though. I thought she was hated by everyone outside of Japan. I am glad to see that’s not true. I don’t hate her and think the hate is unnecessary, but I don’t really see her appeal either. I’m in the middle.

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  3. @FuyuMaiden: Thank you! I don’t really understand my love for Fuko, but I still don’t see how anyone can just hate her, even though most people do. Also, ironically enough, I am not much of a fan for Tomoyo, which seems to be a favourite among most…

  4. That first picture is cute and you selected nice pictures for the rest of the gallery 🙂

    My favorite from this list is Yoshinoya-sensei 🙂 She acts immaturely sometimes, but she cares about her students 🙂 Her slippers make this funny sound! hehe

  5. Hana is my favorite character. Its a lovable character.
    The first picture really looks very cute.


  6. @Kitsune: Thanks, finding the images were one of the hardest parts of this post X)

    @Animation School: Hana is a great character. When I found that picture of Misuzu, I knew I had to use it!

  7. my favorite is Utau Hoshina. the reason is because i like vampire anime shows and my favorite vampire anime show is KAREN. =P

  8. how did you guys get a picture on your square i tried cut and then copy but nothing happened=(

  9. U’r a brainless idiot.Haven’t u seen anything xcept clannad?Ur list is a doggy poo unless u include miaka of fushigi yuugi,kagome of inuyasha,lucy of elfen lied,sakura of cardcaptors,tutu of princess tutu& many more.Earth 2 lostty, widen ur vision,ok?

    • lolz….i totally agree….there are better females!! lol

  10. Yes!nagisa is also post in top 10 best female character!…..

  11. wow fuko-chan is the top 1 lol nagisa is cute

  12. Nagisa is my favourite, but I love Fuko, too! (:
    Dangoo, dangoo ~
    Staarfishh.. ~

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