Posted by: lostty | December 30, 2008

Vampire Knight Guilty episodes 11+12


Pocky is the food of Love!

Well, as a before note, I briefly want to mention that I will not be continuing to blog Skip Beat, this is really only because it now seems to be confirmed that it will be a 25 episode series and I don’t really want to have to carry the series on through the next season because I already have Clannad. I’m enjoying the series even if it isn’t as great as I want it to be, so it’s not like I’m dropping it or anything. This way though, I’ll get to blog more of the winter season, which has barely any animes worth watching anyway, but for the few that look good it has got me excited. Some other big news is that I have finally completely caught up with blogging! Knowing that Clannad is on a mini hiatus and such, I can now finally finish some posts that I’ve been planning out for a while! I won’t be going into details on them yet, but I guess you’ll be seeing them soon anyway!

For episode 11, the main point that we just need to understand is that Ichiru and Zero both became injured and through love, Zero sucked out all of Ichiru’s power to make himself whole. There were a few other details, but really nothing that served too much of a purpose. Basically, Shiki now back as himself goes to apologize to Rima and they have there own little moment with a box of Pocky. Sadly, I can already tell that this is the most we’ll get from them, but at least it was cute. The episode also consisted of many moments of younger Zero and Ichiru having their little bonding times as twins. I don’t really see why they have to sleep in the same bed together, I’ve never liked the whole aspect having twins being the same, though my main problem is that they chose to be together because of Ichiru, but they have their separate beds! It just sort of annoys me to see twins who have their parents dress them the same or whatever because why would anyone want to look the same as someone else? I also consider these moments between Ichiru and Zero to sadly be the most romantic thing that I’ve seen all season. Also, on the romantic page, I think that Kaname would win the prize of being the least romantic this season. The only thing he has really done is force Yuki into a relationship and then let her discover that they were really brother and sister. After that, he basically wants to keep her locked in his room so that she’s “safe”, but considering Yuki still has some proud, she evidently disagreed with him and left without permission. As much as it sounds like I am this complete Kaname hater, that isn’t really the case, I believe he has the looks, but just not the personality.


In season one he was at least a little more sensitive and emotional towards Yuki, rather than now, which just seems more like a love that is forced on. One of the problems I have with this series in the big pile of many is that they always use the same camera angles. One episode they decided to do rack shots, but one is a suitable amount in an episode, yet used the effect at least 5 times! In most episodes, they basically only shot face angles, which isn’t bad for every series, but for Vampire Knight, it gradually just becomes boring. It also seems like every single character in this series now has long hair, Shiki’s hair is even seeming particularly longer and I personally find that Yuki looked better in the shorter look… The direction that the ending of this anime will take is becoming pretty clear now, in the sense that the main obstacle is going to be defeating Rido. Was I the only one who felt disturbed by the bunch of vampire girls wearing barely anything getting the blood sucked dry, but the weird part was that they weren’t really trying to save themselves, but rather accepting their fate?


So in episode 12, Rido continues to prove how he has a giant appetite. He has a whole pile of bodies wherever he goes to feed on, I’d imagine that he would eventually get full? I guess it must be some sort of Vampire Power that we don’t know about yet. All his followers that are vampires that have fallen to Level E were actually creeping me out in this episode, but it can be easily explained as I was playing “Left 4 Dead” at a friend’s today and now anything that remotely shares the characters and movements to a zombie freaks me out so much! The mixture between this game and Vampire Knight is not a good match! As the episode develops, Rido and Yuki with her gang meets up with him and try to defeat him, but fail for the time being and he tries to start some sort of feeding frenzy, but right on cue, Yuki’s Artemis transforms into a much cooler weapon that she can now handle. Zero also makes an appearance with his super power thing going on as well. Though, before he manages to do anything effective his arm starts acting up and gets all bulgy and ugly. I admit to chuckling in this scene, how could anyone not believe that his arm looked absolutely ridiculous? His arm eventually went back to its original shape, but now Zero gets a level up on his weapon too, but Kaname claims at the end that flashing lights coming from guns is not a good sign, which I would agree makes sense.

It seems the series has detached itself slightly more than usual from the mangas story, which gives me hope that we might get an anime original ending, but even if we don’t I don’t mind too much, I’ve already long lost any positive expectations for this series. Well, not keeping so religiously to the manga, did make the episode more enjoyable because that way it becomes more unexpected, but I think the original author should be worried considering if they don’t follow her ideas, the director will go right ahead and almost blow up Zero’s arm! In the end, the episode did have a good build-up, that sets us up well for the finale. The only thing I really want is for Yuki to actually choose someone, but somehow I can already predict that it won’t be happening.



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