Posted by: lostty | June 26, 2008

Kurenai episode 11

So we’ve reached the climax of the build-up episodes. This was probably the weakest episode of everything I saw so far, but for a series like this, that still makes it pretty good. The story was basically just Kurenai and his little gang try and break into the Kuhoin residence to get to the inner sanctuary and rescue Murasaki. Of course, it is never that easy to accomplish and a lot of fights follow. I was pretty surprised with how everything turned out. First, I didn’t expect them to have gone all the way to the inner sanctuary only to leave and then try and go back, I thought they were going to find Mursaki and the final battle would go down there. Secondly, when Kurenai had his knife thing stick out, I thought that maybe he’d actually use it, but instead he just ran away, I guess the creators are only saving that for the finale. The fight scenes were so good in this episode, actually out of most series I’ve seen this might be some of the most realistic fights. I found it interesting that even though they were fighting for life or death, they had very calm music in the background. It really worked well of course because it just adds to the list of many things that make this series different.

Kurenai’s team was also abnormally nice. They seemed very civilized compared to their enemies, if someone spoke to them, they would simply respond instead of beating them up. Also, they only really attacked the people who attacked them first; it was also a fair fight. I don’t know why the creators would show these particular things during a fight scene, but my guess would be because they wan to show the difference between each opposing team and how Kurenai’s team are the good people. Kurenai is a great character because you can’t help but hope for him to conquer all. Over the course of the series you can really tell he developed a lot. It’s really sweet to see how persistent he is and how he refuses to give up until he gets Murasaki back. I can’t wait to find out how his story will end for him. We also learn a bit more about Benika’s character in the episode. She turns out to have been awesome from the start. It would be pretty cool if she got her own spin-off series because I’m sure it would be really interesting. So, this series is going to end withing the next episode, I have some predictions, but for the most part I think it’s going to be pretty hard to judge the outcome.



  1. wow you went into a lot of detial just about the fight! I love Kurenai he can be soo hot at times!

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  3. @clamped_flx: It’s what I do! 🙂 I found his hair looked really good at times, Though I think I’m more in love with other characters *cough*Kyo Shiki *cough*

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