Posted by: lostty | June 28, 2008

Vampire Knight 11

Is it just me or has the animation for this series actually gotten worse. It wasn’t that great to begin with, but it didn’t have as much problems as it does now. I don’t plan on going too into detail about the animation because I could honestly rant about it for this whole post. Besides that, it was still a very good episode. It may still be incomparable to the manga (chapter 41 was so good!), though it still manages to always entertain. The episode was about the long awaited dance between the day class and the night class. For the first half of the episode though, all we see is Zero and Ichiru talking about why one is better than the other, until there teacher guy comes. Then we see some fighting and a sword flying in the air only to land in the teacher’s shoulder. Impressive as he is, it didn’t really affect him, he had barely any reaction to it all; once he was all bandaged-up, he went right back to meddling in everyone’s personal life. There is also a new scene added to the opening where Zero and Ichiru are fighting. It’s kind of pointless to keep on changing unless they plan on using the same song for the next season. When Zero and Ichiru were talking alone together, I remember thinking that I thought Ichiru’s voice was all wrong for the character and at the same time familiar, so after I looked up who the voice actor was and it ended up being the same person who does Zero’s voice, which was pretty embarrassing on my case. It makes sense to use the same voice actor for a twin, but at the same time a little weird.

I was a bit disappointed with how the dress Yuki got from Kaname looked, the creators seemed to have changed it up from the manga and it just didn’t look that good. It was cute when Yuki adjusted Zero’s tie, I find it not fair that the girls have to spend hundreds of dollars on there dresses while the guys only have to wear the school uniforms. I also loved when Shiki and Rima danced together! If I recall in the manga, he didn’t seem as into the dance as he was in the anime because he’s pretty lazy. The girl who asked Zero to dance is pretty persistent, ya Zero saved her once, but it is obvious that he doesn’t really have an interest for her. Kaname was romantic when we he was dancing with Yuki, but he’s just a romantic kind of guy. It was a bit of a mood killer when he said to Yuki that she looked weird and then with the same voice said that he was just kidding. The next episode will probably still involve the dance and a lot should go down because it will probably the climax of the series.

I may be too obssesed with Shiki...



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    • zero is hot

  4. ZERO and YUKI look like to VAMPIRE LOVERS

  5. vampire knight is so awesome

  6. thank you I thought it was only me who thought Zero was hot!

  7. hey pplz. voice actor for zero here! thank you for calling zero hott, i feel like he is my alter ego!

    • ME TO

  8. omg r u realy the voice actor for zero? if so, can i have your autograph!!?


  10. I myself think Vampire Knight is a really good series, just that they kind of did bad in the fighting scenes in the Anime. It’s only like, 1 minute! If not that, 50 seconds!

  11. Btw Zero’s SO HOTT!

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