Posted by: lostty | June 24, 2008

Special A episodes 9 + 10 (catch-up)

Episode 9 was pretty boring, but it was all worth it to hear Yahiro say to Hikari “no matter how much strength you have you’re still an idiot”. That may be even the best line in the whole series so far, I just love having her insulted so much! The first stupid thing she did in this episode was the opening to the show, which was agreeing with Yahiro to go over to his villa. It’s just common sense not to go visiting the homes of people who aren’t in the least bit nice to you, but she had to ask him something. One thing lead to another and she ended up being put in a cell in the basement, I don’t know many villas that have cells in them, it all seemed pretty ridiculous. He ended up wanting to get Akira to come visit him because he’s still in love with her for some reason, but it’s a one-sided love at the moment it seems. The friendship between Hikari and Akira seems a bit awkward because throughout the series, they barely ever talk about anyone in the Special A besides Hikari and Kei, so the friendship with the other members isn’t as apparent as I think it should be. What I realized was Yahiro has become one of  my favourite characters in the series and judging from this episode, it seems he’s going to have a bigger role soon enough. The kiss at the end was actually quite cute, but it was completely ruined when they added the joke right afterward even if it was relatively funny. By the end of the episode, it seems everything is going to go back to normal and the Special A will all hang out together once again at their giant greenhouse. We even got to hear the most annoying joke again with Kei calling Hikari number 2, which isn’t even remotely funny anymore.

Episode 10 was an actually good episode! I don’t think I would ever say this for this series, but the time has come, Ryuu is officially the best character! So, for starts, were back to the normal school atmosphere and everyone is wearing the summer uniform, which I surprisingly like. Though, the everyone form the Special A finds out that their greenhouse place had been completely trashed. Hikari soon meets a familiar face who ends up being the guy from the second episode who hated the Special A, he challenged her to basically challenge Ryuu in a contest. Ryuu is the seventh member of the Special A, so if he were to lose that would basically kick him out of  the Special A. It must be a lot of pressure to be the seventh member considering you always have to worry about someone beating you. We also find out more about Ryuu and how he’s basically one of the nicest guys ever. He ends up going up to the challenge only because he said that if he wins, the guy has to leave the special A alone forever. After Ryuu confronts a issue that may enable him not to take the test, he still does and ends up showing off his skill and winning. Ryuu is so badass! Was I the only one who felt there was an abnormal amount of intense music in the background? Anyway, this episode was actually good because it didn’t take itself too seriously, but it was somewhat serious and definitely entertaining. As I’ve said before, the episodes involving people other than Hikari and Kei end up being being always relatively good. A new light was shown on Ryuu’s character, I hope they end up doing the same with all the other members of the Special A because the series might actually turn out okay then. I think I may actually be excited for the next episode!



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