Posted by: lostty | July 24, 2008

Hidamari Sketch x365 episode 3

This series is only getting better and better by each episode! I’m glad someone told me that the episodes aren’t in any particular order because I would have been so confused by this episode. It becomes very obvious once they mention that only certain characters know the landlady, when in the last episode they all met her. So in this episode everyone has a day off and Yuno and Miyako aren’t really sure what to do with there spare time. On meting Yoshinoya, who was complaining about how the principal is making her got to school anyway, she suggests to them that they go visit a shrine if they wanted to have something to draw. With nothing else to do, they decide to take Yoshinoya’s suggestion and visit the shrine. I love the scene when they were on the train on the way to the shrine and they were talking about ways that made it easier for them to stand on the train without holding anything to keep them steady. It became more on more ridiculous their methods until some random guy told to just take a seat! I was laughing so much and it was just too cute! The next obstacle the two had to face was walking up all the stairs to the shrine. I sympathize with them, at my school it also has a mountain of stairs that I have to walk up and down every day to get to each of my classes; obviously, it doesn’t have as many stairs as they had to climb though. Yuno started counting each step that she took and Miyako was mean enough to ask her the time, which got her off count!

For the second half of the episode, it pretty much only had to do with food and  random talking, which is of course fine by me! Everyone from the Hidamari apartment are all together eating food because Hiro bought too much food as she usual does. The best scene in the second half was definitely when Yuno and Miyako were putting the horned shaped chips on Miyako’s fingers, which after she pretended to be a monster running after Yuno! I actually remember when I used to play with those chips as well, I basically did the exact same thing as they did. I don’t see them in stores anymore and I forgot there name until I asked my sister who told me they were called “Bugles”. I always wanted them, even if I knew they didn’t even taste that good, it was just so I could put them on my fingers or use them for “devil horns”. I was so easily amused back then, I pretty much still am now…Anyway, this was my favourite episode so far by a lot! I don’t know where to begin on explaining how cute and how funny it actually was! I still love Yoshinoya’s character, but Miyako is also really growing on me as well. I’m really loving this series and I can’t wait to see what else they plan on coming up with!



  1. I just love this anime 🙂 Yup, the train scene was very funny. I’ll keep watching it and posting episodic photoreviews 🙂

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  4. ^_^ It seems you have been taken in by the anime’s pace!

    And man, I remembered why I liked Yoshinoya-sensei so much! That childish nature of her is just so moe and funny! ^_^

  5. @53RG10: 3 episodes in and I’ve already been won over by its charm! yay! I agree with you about Yoshinoya, I loved the scene where she mentioned how principal called her house and her parents answered the phone instead of her, which got her so upset! Too cute!!

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