Posted by: lostty | July 27, 2008

Otakuthon ’08 ~Part 1~

So, as you can see, this weekend I was at the Otakuthon! It’s one of the smaller anime conventions out there, but unless I would want to drive over 8 hours; it’s the best thing out there and only a metro ride away! Anyway, I really enjoyed myself and the atmosphere at the convention was great! I was only able to go on Sunday, but next year I’ll definitely go for both days. I also managed to get some of my friends to come with me, even if they don’t know many animes aside from Fruits Basket, Naruto and Bleach; they ended up really enjoying themselves as well. The best part, besides the Dealers’ Area (of course), was the screening rooms and workshops. The screening rooms had many new animes straight from Japan, such as: Clannad, Vampire Knight, Nabari no Ou, Bamboo Blade, etc. You can find the full list of what they were screening here. I was really tempted to watch 5 centimeters per second, but my friends didn’t want to sit through a 2 hour film. I was also tempted to watch Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, but it was with French subtitles so with a series like that, it makes it hard to understand anything. I also took an Origami workshop, which was a lot of fun, although really hard! It was really nice how once you finish getting your registration done, they already gave you free stuff, which was a bag complete with a magazine and bookmarks.

Here’s the bookmarks I got with the Otakuthon Mascot on it!

On the right you can see the magazine I got for free and the rest, is some of the things I bought, which includes an L Tote Bag and a Kyo plushy 🙂

More of the things I bought… The “teenie Beanie” is something my friend gave me because she bought like a bag full of 20 of them and thought I’d like it.

This is a bit blurry (sorry!), but it’s a close-up of both the pins one of them is Lelouch from Code Geass. While the other is Chii, which was actually handmade that I found at the Artist Panel.

A close-up of the bookmark, which I also found at the Artist Panel.

Here are some of the origami I made, the beige goose was really hard, but it actually flaps!

Here’s one of my posters that I got for a mere 1$, so that made me happy!

Sorry it’s so dark, it was really hard to take pictures of the posters because they were rolled when I bought them, so I had to use my foot and my other hand to straighten it out while taking the picture. Though, I really like the poster and it was of very good quality.

Cosplay pictures soon to come!!!



  1. I was only able to go to Otakuthon today (sunday) but it was great. My friend and I spent nearly 4 hours in the Dealer’s room. Oof. XD I was about to buy that Death Note bag you have there!!

  2. Ya, I was at the Dealers’ Area for a really long time as well! I was either going to buy the L bag or the Momiji cosplay cap, but it was 30$, so I thought it seemed a bit much… I’m glad you had a great time as well 😀

  3. Hee! =3 You were at the origami thing too? I was so proud of myself for making that flapping bird…I keep showing it to everyone. x33

  4. @Lana: I’m very impressed with myself for making the flapping bird as well! Although, as much as I’d love to show it to people over and over again, they don’t seem that interested…

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