Posted by: lostty | April 7, 2008

BLASSREITER, Itazura na kiss and Kure-nai ~First Impressions~


Definitely disappointing, though I didn’t expect much from it to begin with. Personal, one Gonzo is enough for me in a season. The whole episode I was just beyond bored. Motorcycles just are not the type of thing that I enjoy. They use a lot of CG, which you would think would look cool, but I felt it seemed unnatural and ugly. I so far hate the characters, but I’m not even sure who is the main character. The character design is ugly as well. The only positive thing I have to say about it is that the enemy thing looks pretty cool, they remind of the Angels in Neon Genesis. I think I’ll watch one more episode, but so far I can pretty much predict that I’ll probably drop this series unless by some whacked out chance it gets better, which I highly doubt. If you still haven’t seen this I suggest you don’t even bother because all you’ll be is disappointed.

Itazura na kiss

Well, it’s entertaining, but so far nothing really more. It hasn’t shown anything particularly different from other shojo series I’ve seen so until it does (if it ever does) I can just consider it average. I don’t really like the animation and so far I really dislike almost all of the characters. For some reason I actually do like the opening and ending even though they are both annoying, they are sort of fun. It’s a relatively long series (actually only 26 episodes) so I’m curious to what else they plan on doing with the plot. Well this episode was pretty eventful, which was a good thing. I’ll probably keep this up though even if it wasn’t that great, but I just hope it doesn’t get repetitive because this type of series tends to always have many filler episodes.


I really don’t like the opening; it just makes the series seem stupid, but besides that this is so far the best first episode of the season so far. I still don’t completely understand the plot, but from what I saw it seems really interesting. Out of all the new series I’ve seen this one stands out the most. It is unique and original. I also enjoy all the character and I find it interesting how even if they all seem so different they are still very similar. The little girl is very cute, especially since she always tries to be so strong all the time. I am not really sure how many episodes this series is going to have, but it seems that most series this season are over 20 episodes. So overall, this is definitely worth your time, it’s very intriguing and seems to have many possibilities to what they can do with the series.



  1. […] gia wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerpt […]

  2. I’ve only checked out Itazura na kiss out of these 3 so far. Funny you say negative things about it because I thought it was a great start!

  3. Reading other peoples blogs it seems most people consider this a great beginning for the show, just like you, maybe I’m just crazy? (very likely)

  4. it’s bike is very cool

  5. ya, the CG effects were well done~ish

  6. I enjoyed Blassreiter, the animation was done well by the time Gerd went crazy and get killed off. I know the beginning is slow, but I am ok with the character looks. And they seem to alright, at least some of them. Others I hate, for good reasons. Like Jil, she’s a cheating whore! And those kids discriminating and beating up Malek and his only friend. Well your opinion is your own, but I have to disagree about the statement “all it will is disappoint you” that is false. And many people liked it. Gonzo had balls to kill off almost all the characters.

  7. @Emil_Irving: I think you misunderstood the purpose of this post, this was my “first impressions”, which is what I thought of the series after 1 epsiode. I quickly stopped watching it after about 3 episodes, but I did in fact hear, that it did turn out okay. I will try and watch the rest soon, but until then I don’t have much to base my opinion on.
    So, I don’t know much more about what actually happens in the series, I may create a series review later if I watch it. I’m sorry if you misunderstood!

  8. It’s alright, It is my fault that I misunderstood the purpose of your post. I saw some of other Gonzo’s anime, I didn’t really like it much, at least with the character looks. But yeah, Blassreiter is alright. I must sound like one of those fanboys.

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