Posted by: lostty | July 22, 2008

Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu episode 2

As you can see, I actually decided to blog this for no real reason, except that I kind of like it. So, in this episode the two have become a closer friends, which of course makes everyone else in the school jealous of Yuuto naturally because  Haruka is the most popular student. As they run away from the mass of students running after them, she asks Yuuto to go to Akihabara. Now this is where everything that’s anything anime or manga is! This is her first time, but it is still pretty gutsy if she really wants to keep still keep her love of anime secret, but if someone as clumsy and ditsy as her has managed all this time, of course this is no big deal. Anyway, so she came to look for merchandise from her favourite anime, but also to pick up the newest game system, a PDS! One thing leads to another and she somehow ends up in a maid outfit. What is with that anyway? What kind of cosplay cafe dresses there customers in maid outfits…wait, I think I answered my own question. In the end, she ended up not being able to even get a PDS because they were all sold out, but obviously Yuuto comforted her by saying he still had a great time with her. In all, it was an okay episode, but this series doesn’t really stand out from other things I’ve seen. For now, it’s still just average, but I give it credit for at least being entertaining.

I guess the genre of this series is a love/comedy series, but so far the romance doesn’t seem that apparent nor that romantic. I can’t imagine this series to be something that will have tear jerking moments or eve kiss scenes. Though, I guess that’s not really the target audience for this type of series. We also got a small appearence of a new character, who I ‘m guessing will become mor eimportant later on, I don’t really remeber her name… Anyway, I find it almost annoying how so far the creators are only really showing Haruka’s negative traits. She is meant to be this outstandingly talented girl, but so far it seems quite the opposite. Besides her talking German or something like that to some random strangers, the only impression we get off, is a naive girl who can’t draw for her life and bumps into walls. They also didn’t do a good job at even showing how popular she is. Yes, we can tell that all the students got jealous of Yuuto at the beginning, but it still doesn’t seem believable. Also, I can’t help but wonder how she manages to keep up a conversation with anyone having the personality she has. Come to think of it, how could she have even become popular to begin with?! Well, I hope in the future episodes they focus more on showing her good qualities, but it seems like the next episode is going to be about Yuuto visiting Haruka’s house, sounds interesting…



  1. haha, cute pics..

  2. […] Original post by lostty […]

  3. @anime-girl: Thanks for noticing, I actually really wanted to take these two screen-shots in specific 🙂

  4. Yuuto gets points for being a man and carrying Haruka.

    Also, lol @ Haruka for fainting due to a sold-out game system. I actually didn’t see that one coming.

  5. @dingsan: He does get points, but he still isn’t much of a man X) At least he isn’t completely perverted like the rest of his classmates (apparently?)
    That scene was pretty hilarious, how could anyone have expected that to happen! tehee~

  6. Wow, who would’ve thought two “grown” ladies will make a guy un-perverted! ^_^

    And Haruka is more of a closet otaku than I ever thought. She has never even gone to Akihabara nor bought anything…like that figurine she oogled over. Not only is she ashamed of her own hobby, but apparently her father is too…well, that’s understandable, being prestige and all. >_>

  7. All I want is one Haruka-drawn map per episode. Bonus points if her SD form appears to give a map walkthrough. But just the map is enough.

  8. @53RG10: I know! I like the fact that she’s like a real closet otaku, it’ll be interesting for when the series progresses.

    @MisterEd: I complete agree! The maps are gold!

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