Posted by: lostty | July 3, 2008

Kurenai episode 12 (finale) + Final Impressions

Well, I finally saw the whole series. I may have been behind for the most part, but as the saying goes “Better late than never”. The episodes leading up to the finale weren’t as strong as the rest of the series, but I think that in the end, the last episode pulled through. So, Kurenai is back to trying to gt into the inner sanctuary, but it seems that he had some time to eat some delicious bread. That was the funniest scene because as his friends are all in danger, he just eats away at his bread while remarking on how good it tastes to himself. I also can’t help but remark on the security that the Kuhouin family has. In the last episode, 3 people managed to get into the inner sanctuary, which they consider a place that should never be disturbed. Afterward, when the three of them left, the Kuhouin family didn’t take any precautions by adding more security and instead, a single high school student makes it in alone and even eats there bread without them noticing. Benika decides to go after Kurenai even though her partner is injured, but soon enough she gets caught in some car chase. It seems like anything went with this episode! It was actually a good car chase and I’m really not the car person. After they literally crashed there car into the inner sanctuary (an effective way of getting there, especially since apparently there is never any guards to be found), we finally get the fight scene that everyone has been waiting for! I love how the fights are made in the series because the screen seems to be in position with the movements, which gives it a realistic flare.

Kurenai also finally uses his sword thing, it wasn’t for very long, but I was really excited over it anyway. It almost seems like when it sticks out, it sort of controls him because he was only able to really stop when Benika held him back. It was sad when Murasaki saw it all and was asking about it. Though, he said that he would rather be without it and he wishes that he could take back what he did . Murasaki was surprisingly okay with it, but she seemed abnormally sympathetic in this episode anyway. The ending wasn’t what I expected, but I still enjoyed it. The only reason I probably didn’t like it that much was because I would have much rather it to end the way I wanted (so selfish of me!). The way the series really ended, was a lot smarter  and leaves all the characters off well. I guess it would also leave the possibility for a second season, though I don’t know much about the manga, so I wouldn’t know what would really happen next. I’m not really sure I would want a second season anyway, sometimes I think it’s best if their isn’t. In the end, the series was able to leave me with a good feeling inside, which is obviously one of the most important things.

Final Impression

In all, this series would definitely make the top of my list for the season. The last few episodes before the finale may have been a little weak, but we all must remember some of the most best and memorable moments this series has had. Such as the unforgettable musical episode, no series has gone through such a risk  as to get there voice actors (whether they were good or not) to sing. That episode alone deserves the prize as the best done filler ever! The characters were all so amazing, they all stood out in different ways, but worked very well together. The little added touches just enhanced the series. The whole time, the series was able to be serious and funny when needed. It is also a definite plus that the jokes were actually funny. This would be a series I would recommend to many because its audience is pretty big. This was a series that took a lot of chances and in the end, they ended up all positive for me!



  1. worst ending ever. She is back to the place she escaped from. WTF! you can kiss her virginity gone when she is 13 and have to mate with her brother. BAM.

  2. Yes…but she decided that she would change the ways of her family!

  3. “Such as the unforgettable musical episode, no series has gone through such a risk as to get there voice actors (whether they were good or not) to sing. That episode alone deserves the prize as the best done filler ever!”

    Indeed, it was an awesome episode! 😀 With some practice, they all could get 95 at karaoke, just like Yayoi 😛

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