Posted by: lostty | September 14, 2008

Natsume Yuujinchou episode 10

Sorry for the late post, I can have very bad time managing skills… Hidamari Sketch hasn’t come out in a while, I’m tempted to just watch raws, but I’m not that good at Japanese and when a series relies mostly on dialogue, it’d be hard to get all the jokes. Well, I’ll make my final decision later, until then, on to Natsume Yuujinchou. We start off the episode with a Natsume encountering some random violent spirit who wants his body. As the spirit continually tries to harm him, Natsume beats him away by giving him a good punch in the face, which of course was absolutely awesome! When the spirit calms down, a voice in a bottle speaks to him, it ends up being a person whose name was Asagi, but she got sick and somehow ended up in there. Nyanko interrupts this all with his rude comments and he really does look fat. He ends up biting the spirit’s head, which was a great fighting move and evidently made the spirit a bit hesitant to follow them any farther, for the time being.  By the next day, Natsume awoke to having blue hair, Nyanko’s expression was absolutely priceless, but after a few seconds it quickly went back to normal. The second weird moment was after his friend bumped into him, he had a very “girly” moment. Where his voice changed and he seemed very feminine, the two girls walked right by the them with there faces covered only because they were they were overjoyed at the thought that they might have had a yaoi moment. He also has another moment when his friend gave him back a dictionary and his hair grew really long and it was an awkward moment for the people around him, but it then went back to normal. Naturally, they just walked away and pretended they didn’t see anything. The violent spirit, who he decided to call Bullseye, told him that while he was sleeping he possessed him with the spirit of Asagi.

Poor Natsume, he wanted to get rid of her without any damage, so Nyanko told him that he will just have to fulfill her final wishes. It was so hilarious how Bullseye and “Natsume” were having a romantic moment, it was even better when Nyanko stopped it from progressing by proclaiming how creepy it was. This episode was basically filled with indirectly yaoi moments, not that I was complaining of course. Though, throughout this whole episode, the real Natsume had a great outlook on this all, which was him acting very pissed off. We learn a bit more about the story behind Bullseye and Asagi, which was that Bullseye was an umbrella holder and through his job he met Asagi. Asagi used to play an instrument in front of important people and such… Natsume saw this moment as a dream, so when he woke up Bullseye was carrying him home; definitely sexy. Let’s just hope though, that nobody saw Natsume at this moment because if they did, wouldn’t they have just seen him floating in mid-air?

When Natsume was brought home, during his sleep he had another dream where he was simply just pouring sand from his hand. Bullseye explained that it was the reality of Asagi’s sickness and that she didn’t have much time left, but as a final wish Bullseye wants her to play in front of Mibu (important guy) one last time. The next day, Natsume and Bullseye were in search for a special pathway, which would open up that very night. A weird spirit ends up showing Natsume the way, but in return he basically says that he’ll eat his guts, before the weird spirit really followed through on his plan though he disappeared. When the night came, the path opened, but before Bullseye and Natsume entered, the weird spirit reappeared wanting to eat his guts. Nyanko took a bad opportunity to not follow Natsume around for once because Natsume was definitely in need, but Bullseye made an attempt at defending him. One thing leads to another and Natsume ends up falling off a cliff trying to catch Bullseye’s umbrella. Later when he awakes without any noticeable damage from falling off a cliff (how may I ask?), the girl takes over his persona, which once again makes the scene awkward, but it was cute. She tells Bullseye that she didn’t really care to play in front of that Miba guy, she wanted to play for Bullseye and with Natsume’s body she was able to accomplish the task.

She then left Natsume’s body and ended up in deep deep sleep and was apparently put back into that bottle form the beginning. Bullseye still stays with her nonetheless, which is really sweet. When Natsume meets Nyanko again, he mentions how Nyanko wasn’t there in his time of need, but he said in a more comical way. Natsume ends the episode by hugging Nyanko, of course Nyanko was squirming in protest about it, but it was still cute. Overall, this was a very good episode, it wasn’t the best episode so far, but I preferred it more than last week’s. Though, recently I thought that the quality and even the storyline of the episodes have become a little weaker because the last two episodes haven’t been that outstanding compared to others. It’s a bit disappointing, but I believe that the series will pick for its final episodes. The moments when Natsume was acting like a girl was all hilarious and even if the romantic moments were a bit odd, they were still very enjoyable. The next episode looks amazing, it really looks like it’s going to be all about Nyanko! It seems like he’s going to be making a lot of trouble and the episode is called “Nyanko’s book of boredom” and any episode about Nyanko is bound to be filled with laughs.



  1. I found the moments where Natsume got mistaken for a girl quite hilarious – it obviously affected his aura but it was when Tanuma’s enhanced ‘youkai vision’ saw the female spirit that it felt especially awkward and hilarious…I wonder if Natsume cleared things up with him later or will Tanuma end up continuing question his sexuality? *laughs nervously*

    Although these moments were really amusing I found the relationship between Asagi and Bullseye (whose real name does get mentioned, although I forget what it was) especially moving. All the way through he refused to admit his real feelings, showing his devotion to her as her servant instead. Sweet indeed.

    I was a little disappointed that we didn’t hear exactly what her song sounded like, but then I guess it’s enough to know that she played for him rather than trying to perform for that Mibu guy. Another awesome and understated episode!

  2. the episode was very sweet, but i’m still in love with the tsubame episode.

    the first time i saw the gender-bending, i was like “hell no fickin way” since this show was the last place i expected to see something like that. but after the thing with tanuma, i was laughing so hard.

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