Posted by: lostty | September 17, 2008

Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu episode 10

Honestly, when I started the school year again, I really didn’t expect it to take up that much of my time. I’m sorry to everyone that I haven’t been posting as much, I really am trying! This is going to be a shorter post than usual because this series isn’t really that popular and there isn’t really that much to say about the series to begin with.  This was a relatively good episode, the problem with it though, was that the ending was really the only part worth watching, but there isn’t really much you can do in that situation unless you want to skip the whole beginning. Anyway, after last week’s events, all was answered and it was exactly as I expected; stupid. What happened was that while Yuuto and Shiina were working together for the school festival, a bunch of stuff almost fell on Shiina. Naturally, when Yuuto saved her, he had fallen on her in the most promiscuous way. It was despicable and Shiina didn’t even seem to mind that much or at least not until Haruka came by and the rest we already know. Haruka actually cried over the incident, which is just so depressing! What evil in this world would want Haruka to cry! So what happened in the rest of the episode after that was when the school festival continued and Haruka came into school actually looking joyful. Though, she was really just trying to hide her broken heart and to do that, she ignored Yuuto completely. The school also had an event that I think was called “Miss con.”, which both Haruka, Shiina and others in there class were entered in.

The love triangle is so lame, for the most part, all it does for this series is just annoy me. We already know Shiina doesn’t stand a chance and even though she knows it, she still tries to get him anyway, which ruins valuable time for the awesome Haruka and Yuuto moments! This whole “Miss. con” thing was just an open door to another episode focusing all on superficiality, I honestly hope there was a Mr.con, only because if I remember correctly the otaku population were considered “perverts” at the begin by the people at the school, but there worse than that! I can really just smell the irony in that sentence I wrote! Well, after Haruka won the competition (obviously), Yuuto realized how she was crying again and then she ran away and he spent the rest of the day looking for her.  Half the people he asked if they knew where Haruka was, were just pointless and I don’t see why he bothered to ask them in the beginning because he knew how they would respond. Though, it made me happy that at least he did bother to look for her even if it was by an ineffective means. During his “thorough” search, Shiina actually came up to him asking whether she wanted to folk dance with him or not. This was a stupid question only because she Knows that he’s already with Haruka, when she realized his lack of response she simply responded by saying she forgot that she already asked someone. Later when everyone was dancing, it turned out she actually did, which was a big surprise for me because it seemed like an obvious lie.

Anyway, Yuuto finally finds Haruka and he sees her playing the music box that he gave her! It was so sweet. When she noticed him, she confessed how she wanted to be with him forever, he gave her a hug and they comforted each other. It was a very romantic scene! Then when they realized that the missed the folk dance, which Haruka was waiting so long to do, he asked her for a dance anyway and for music they used the music box. I loved the whole scene, it was without a doubt the most romantic scene of the series so far. It would have been a bit more romantic if it wasn’t folk dancing though, but it was still very enjoyable. So, in general, I found this episode for the most part was cheesy, but the ending made the whole episode automatically above average for me. I also felt that the music for this episode was particularly amazing as well. One of my favurite moments was definitely when Hazuki described her own romantic story and we also expected something intense, but in the end her relationship with “Eric” ended up being one of her bear plushies. The impression I get from the preview is that the next episode almost seems to be a filler and I’m pretty sure the end is coming near for this series. Why can’t we have dramatic moments instead? I’ll guess we’ll just have to see for sure what will happen!


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