Posted by: lostty | November 4, 2008

Vampire Knight Guilty episode 4

Obligatory Shiki screencap..... He doesn't look too happy though

A dull episode, but Shiki made it a bit brighter for those first 45 seconds 😉

I know I say this much more often than I should, but I’m sorry for being late on basically all my posts, this week is the end of term so in basically every class the teachers try to bombard you with as much tests and assignments they can. Though, I’m going to try to fit blogging into my nonexistent schedule somewhere… Anyway, so this episode didn’t really have much purpose besides build-up. The whole episode just aimed to touch every character’s storyline and to make sure we only get half of the truth, so we’ll tune in for more. Even Ruka got some moments as she looked shocked in the background when Yuki asked Kaname to go talk alone somewhere. The episode begins on Shiki’s story (yay!), but it concludes relatively fast. In general, we see Shiki’s butler guy tells him that he has a secret that he never told him about. The secret is that he’s been keeping his meant to be dead father alive and since Shiki finally came back home to visit, the final step can now be done, which is having his father take over his own body. Shiki was right in thinking it wasn’t a good idea, I hope he was able to eat that box of Pocky from Rima before his body was completely overruled by his own father.

In Yuki’s “world” she starts wondering about her past and wants to know more about it. Though, when she tries to the only image that comes to her is blood and considering she was in the bathtub at the time she starts to picture the water she’s bathing in as blood. This was another scene from the manga that turned out disappointing in the anime, I originally always felt this scene was so spooky and weird, but in the anime it just seemed a lot more incoherent and lame, but it’s not like that is an unexpected reaction when it comes to this anime. After Zero is told by Yuki all her worries, he suggests they visit the association where she can probably find all the information she would want about anything that happened ten years ago before she found herself left in the snow.

The next day they both go to the association and Kaien and Toga tag along as well. When they get there, Yuki goes off to her own business, while the president asks to speak to Zero. He then tells absolutely nothing about this supposed Cursed Twins business besides its name, but little does Zero know that it basically means that only Ichiru or Zero can really “live on” (I just had a Code Geass flashback there at that word). Yuki ends up getting close to discovering her past, but before she was able actually to figure something out the page went on fire, which evidently enabled her from reading it. Later on that night, she makes the assumption that someone must be preventing her from remembering her memories and she decided that it most probably is Kaname who did it. The episode ends completely with Takuma finding out about the “new” Shiki.

There wasn’t much to this episode, but it wasn’t as bad as usual. For the most part, I found the whole part with the association to be boring, but that scene didn’t really interest me in the manga either. The one thing that probably bothers me most about this series is that the hints are way too unsubtle! If you were to watch the opening alone, it gives away key points if you look hard enough. The funny thing about Shiki’s character is that the only time he really gets a role is now, but it isn’t really even him. The positive is that his body doesn’t change, which means there is plenty to look at, but it still is depressing. I fell pretty neutral towards this episode because it wasn’t that bad an interpretation from the manga and it was relatively interesting, but in all not much happened and it was kind of boring. The thing to look forward to is the upcoming episodes I would presume because they’re done with the information packed ones, which would mean that it is only natural that the more interesting ones would follow, but I have no idea what to expect because the chapters of the manga and the anime are two separate stories!




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  2. I’m actually excited about Shiki’s roll in coming episodes. I have only read the manga up to where they are now because I’ve been reading the English version in Shoujo Beat.

    But I must say that I do agree that some parts in this episode, I wish could of gone faster now looking back on it. It was dragged on two much, especially the library scene.

    Tho will see if my opinion changes or not. Nice review =D

  3. @Maura: Tehee, I just read that chapter yesterday in Shoujo Beat as well (even though I’ve read them on the internet, I still buy the magazine and volumes of the manga). I hope my opinion changes, I’d like to see a one strong amazing episode of Vampire Knight. Thanks!

  4. fix daijobod=estas bem lol

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