Posted by: lostty | September 8, 2008

Code Geass R2 episode 22 – The Hat!!!

Wave and smile all you want Lelouch, but we know that outfit is ugly!

Here’s a short rant on my disappointment of episode 22 of Code Geass… Sometimes the superficial side of me takes over, being the Lelouch fangirl as I am, seeing him in such an ugly outfit makes me die a little inside! It also doesn’t help that this episode didn’t really show the likable side of his personality either because he was basically just a jerk the whole time. Persuading basically all of Brittania to like him by using Geass, is just plain lame! I can almost tolerate the outfit he is wearing to some extent, but it crosses a line when he wears that hat! I think he only took it off once in the whole episode, Suzaku’s outfit wasn’t much better either. In general, Lelouch as the emperor sucks, it loses something to his character that I loved so much. Also the Lelouch x Kallen moment that we were all waiting was ruined and the possibility for them to end up together is starting to seem like only a dream now. Lelouch was also quite harsh when he completely rejected Rivalz, but I don’t exactly blame him… Though, it does bother me that Nina’s character is trying to be portrayed as the “good guy” as even Lloyd rises against Suzaku and his ways. Although, that seems to be Lelouch and Suzaku’s plan; to have everyone hate them I mean.

We finished the episode off showing a stupid castle where we find out that Nunnally is still alive; like we didn’t see that coming. Although, I didn’t expect her to tell Lelouch and Suzaku that she was their enemy, only because I thought that would ruin her character too, which I felt it did. Now the kind Nunnally that we have always known is a power hungry soul like everyone else. It also seems that in the preview Suzaku is going to once again get really pissed off by Lelouch and from what I can tell, I don’t think Lelouch will be wearing that hat. It’s a start, but he needs to change the whole outfit next. Anyway, I didn’t hate this episode as much as it sounds, I was simply severely disappointed, especially after episode 21, which was simply amazing! I hope the series will be able to pick itself back up by the next episode because I’d hate to be disappointed again. At least we have Lelouch and Suzaku’s true intentions of their plan to look forward too.



  1. Ooo! I loved the Lelouch’s hat, but I felt weird about Suzaku’s uniform. Just for the record, it kinda looked like Lelouch’s attire, save for the shoulder portion down to the hands. If memory serves me right, it looked like a brown pantyhose. Good lord, I got disgusted.

  2. Suzaku’s uniform was absolutely ugly, Lelouch’s…less so, but still not that good.

    Nunnally’s not “power hungry”, but think about the kind of stuff Schneizel would have told her…plus Lelouch’s own actions, all done in her name for most of the show.

  3. I liked Suzaku-kuns outfit. *Crys* Am I a loser or what? ^____^
    And I didn’t like lelouch’s outfit, I just liked the…how should I phrase this….the complexity of it. XDDD (Pufferfish, you’re just making you’re self look like a bigger loser now.)

    nana-chan isn’t power hungry, just being brain washed by her blond older brother. XD

    I have always awaited the episode were he would go power hungry and overly use the geass…..I like it, its hawt!

    CREEPO. Ihavetogodohomeworknow!!!!!!

  4. @7: It seems everyone likes Lelouch’s hat, although I won’t cave under my opinion yet! And ya, Suzaku’s was just plain ugly.

    @Camario: I realize that “Power Hunger” is probably too strong a word. Schneizel probably did tell her tons of horrible things about Lelouch, but she shouldn’t just rush to his side that fast either.

    Pufferfish: We’re all entitled to our opinions, so if you liked his outfit that’s fine 🙂 I don’t like Lelouch with the geass in both his eyes, it doesn’t look as good and how does he manage to take those contacts off so fast?

  5. Suzaku’s outfit bothered me more to the point that Lulu’s did not so much. But now that you mention it, that… that hat, it must go.

  6. @Nagato: As much as Suzaku’s outfit is hideous, it’s not like he had many other pretty outfits before that.
    I’m also being generous when I say that I would allow lelouch to keep the outfit, as long as he got rid of that hat.
    I guess we’ll just have to see how everyone’s outfit turns out like by the next episode…

  7. Hey, better a hat than a wig I say.

  8. @Shin: Actually, after recently watching all the original director’s commentary on my Code Geass DVDs (because I’m cool like that), the director explained that Charles’ hair was meant to be natural and not a wig. A disturbing thought to think about I bet. Though, enough of my snob comment, sorry 🙂
    In general, I get your point and in that case, I would prefer the hat.

  9. @ Lostty:

    lol, he should have an eye infection by now. XDD It takes a long time to get contacts out…and then theres eye drops. XDD WHICH HE NEVER USES!!! lol.

    yeah, I was just stating my opinion….and stating how creepy that opinion was! (Because I’m THAT awesome. ^_____^)

  10. Ewww… I’m totally wearing this for Halloween <.>>

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