Posted by: lostty | September 9, 2008

Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu episode 9

Well, I’m going to get right to the actual post because I feel like, so they were deciding on what to do for the fair and by some chance the activity that they chose was to do a cosplay cafe. They selected the idea thanks to Yuuto’s friend Nobunaga who made quite a convincing argument and he isn’t even in there class. I found that it was pretty amusing when he said he sneaked into their classroom because his class refused his idea. Then Shiina started talking, which disappointed me just to hear her voice, but at least she wasn’t too important in this epsiode. Well, at least not until the end… Haruka wasn’t even jealous at this point, which really surprised me because she was just smiling and congratulating them as everyone else. Haruka may almost be too kind a person. Though, no matter what, she beats Shiina’s character by miles! I really dislike Shiina because she knows she can’t have Yuuto, but she tries to go after him anyway. It’s just mean, she’s also really annoying and her character just doesn’t seem likable at all. Haruka only starts to get jealous when she starts to realize that Yuuto is really spending all his time with Shiina, but it still took her almost a week to realize the situation. As Haruka discussed her issue to her family, Mika of course had something to say about it.

Of course Mika took the situation a bit out of control saying that the only way to solve the problem was in a battle to win Yuuto’s love, but at least they were taking some action. The next day at school, Yuuto gave her a little attention by asking to talk to her in private, but h kind of ruined it when he asked her is she knew any cosplay shops. Of course she did, luckily this conversation led him to ask her if they wanted to go to Akihabara together to go see them. As the day came for them to go to Akihabara, I at first got the impression that they were honestly going to buy a costume for every single person in the class, which really surprised because cosplay can be really expensive. Though, as if Yuuto read my mind, he mentioned how they were only there to get inspiration because as I mentioned, if they bought it for everyone it would surpass there budget by too much. As they are looking through the store, Haruka sees something that she wants to try on and the store keeper actually lets her. Haruka was extremely enthusiastic about, especially since she’ll never be able to buy it herself because of her father. Though, did we really have to see her changing into it? I honestly believe this series would be a lot better if they didn’t put the fanservice because it can honestly ruin the mood.

Anyway, as she comes out, there is a lot of blushing, but Yuuto ends up complimenting her on it like Mika taught him. I’m glad he took those words to heart. As per usual, Nobunaga has the some more annoying timing and ends up coming into the store, Yuuto, not wanting to be seeing by him hides both himself and Haruka in the small changing room together. Naturally, they were squeezed together because of the small space, which followed by some hilariously stupid perverted thoughts for both of them. Well, at least in all that mess they almost kissed, but it would have been almost wrong it they actually did. As they left the store, he gave Haruka a gift he got he, which was an anime music box that had one of her favourite character on it. As they were having a moment, Mika ruined it by calling Yuuto and telling him that Haruka’s father was coming to get Haruka. This scene kind of annoyed because the whole thing seemed just a copy from what we saw in episode seven. Her father came, a battle between swords and chainsaws followed until the mother came and stopped it all. Personally, I think it was actually Hrauka’s fault in this case, she blew off the meeting with some important piano player to hang out with Yuuto, I don’t want to sound lame or anything, but she did break a promise even if it was in the name of love! Though, it was sweet that she said she had too because it was the first time Yuuto ever depended on her. The one thing that did seem new to this scene for me though, was that Yuuto actually looked good, even with his glasses on. I’m not sure if I only thought that because I’m starting to get used to him or maybe he just got better looking?

So, because of the whole incident, Yuuto felt bad even if he wasn’t responsible and he told Haruka that he would do anything for her. Haruka decided in the end that she wanted to “folk dance” with him and after even more blushing, which didn’t make him look less appealing for some reason, he agreed to it.  Shiina enters back into the picture when they come back to school and everyone in the class was bumped for the cosplay cafe! Personally, I think it was a pretty good idea by Nobunaga, it sounds like a lot of fun. We get one last impression to why Yuuto is a good boyfriend as Haruka listens to her music box he gave her, which was really cute. Though, by the next day, after Haruka makes him cookies and wants to bring them to school she comes across a horror when she sees Yuuto. It was with Shiina, on the floor in a rather “peculiar” position. Haruka of course ran frantically away, but honestly, there is obviously a reasonable explanation to it all. Ever since the beginning of this series, Yuuto was a guy who bumped into a lot of girls, so it was obviously another one of those situations… Not much to say about what the next episode will be about except that it’s bound to have a lot of scenes where Haruka is just sad. In general, this was a very good episode. I’m glad it didn’t have too much Shiina, like I was expecting. It was about time this series reached some sort of climax, it may be stupid, but at least it’s something.  The problem I had with this episode was that there was only really one point to it, but the creators still needed to get enough material to fit a 20 minute span and it seemed like a lot of it was pointless. Though, on the other hand, the  some of the scene may have been pointless, but they were still entertaining. So in all, it was just an average episode and it definitely doesn’t reach the top of one of my favourites, but it does have a good entertainment values, which makes up for something.



  1. Since episode 7, my interest level keeps dropping as the episodes go by…>_>

  2. 53RG10: I’m starting to think the same thing. This series is simply going through one big circle of the same tricks repeatedly. It wasn’t that great of a series to begin with, but it’s not that horrible either and I guess it’s worth sticking with at least until the end now. Though, I’d have to agree with you….

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