Posted by: lostty | July 17, 2008

Natsume Yuujinchou episode 2

It was another good episode for the series, but it didn’t really differ itself from the first episode. While reading other comments about this series, I would definitely have to agree that this might have been a more interesting series is it was about Natsume’s grandmother instead. I mean, at least there would be more action. So, this time we learn a little bit more about everything. Such as, for the most part, only two types of spirits visit Natsume, which are ones just asking for their names back and others who just demand for the book for the power. Also, we learn that if you damage any pages in the book, the same damage will be inflicted to the spirit whose name is written on the page. The story was that some short spirit thing wanted it’s name back, but when Natsume tried looking in his book for its name, the page it was on ended up being stuck to another and they couldn’t be peeled apart because it would inflict the same damage on the spirit. Natsume would have to find the other spirit’s name so that he could give both of them their names back at the same time and so, the search began. It also had a very sweet story involving an old lady, which ended up being very sad. It ended up being a sweet ending, which is always a plus for me. Even though the story has become a bit repetitive so far, I can easily say that it is still very entertaining.

The scene that actually freaked me out was when Nyanko was over Natsume’s bed while he was sleeping trying to eat him. It just looked so disturbing and it didn’t help when he told Natsume that he did it naturally when he was sleeping, I’m glad Natsume gave him a good punch in the head like he deserved. He should probably get a prize at being the worst roommate ever! One part that I almost completely forgot about was the beginning when he was at the school because beside that, there hasn’t been any other scenes where there is any other humans involved. I wonder if the characters we got to see will become reoccurring characters. Plus, I think in the first episode he mentioned how nobody wants to be his friend because they think he’s weird (pretty sad when you think about it), so I’m curious to know if in future episodes we can see where he really fits in the school. My prediction on the climax of the series would be that Nyanko goes against Natsume and really tries to kill him because he obviously isn’t that great a character. He constantly mentions how he can just kill Natsume at any moment and it’s obvious he wants the book only to be more powerful, so none of his intentions seem very “happy”. Hopefully, the next episode won’t follow the same format and will be different because I really do like this series and it has some amazing potential!



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  2. Not enough Reiko this episode.

    Also, what makes Reiko more interesting than Takashi is simply their personalities. We’ve been shown Reiko as an energetic extrovert (towards spirits) but Takashi is a boring introvert. Watching Takashi mope around because he feels lonely is great for adding some depth to the story, but it doesn’t develop his character nor does it do us any good when we’re watching the series. Downers make me feel down too, and subsequently annoyed.

  3. I would agree on your point about why Reiko is also more interesting, but we have to keep in mind that it’s only the second episode, so maybe he’ll have a giant character change by the next one 😀 (I highly doubt)
    Though, about Takashi…as much as he seems to not belong, he doesn’t seem to actually care. He hasn’t really shown any sign of actually being depressed about it, which is why it’s not annoying. Yet, you are right when you say it wouldn’t really develop his character anyway…

  4. I think you’re wrong about Nyanko. He comes off to me as someone with a history we haven’t had a chance to see yet with Reiko. Was she the one that trapped him in the shrine? What was their past that seemingly caused her to treat him differently from the other spirits she captured? Whatever it is, it’s obvious that Nyanko has no intention of telling.

    If Nyanko just wanted the book he could have stole it 100 times over by now. He obviously wants more. The question is, what is it he really wants, and what scheme is he putting together to get it?

  5. @Me: I didn’t think of that and those are some very interesting points. I guess we can only wait for the series to progress before we learn anything for sure.

  6. @Me: I think you’re giving Nyanko more credit than he deserves (as a comedic relief character), but there’s always the benefit of the doubt. Which I will let the fat kitty have.

    Natsume Yuujin-chou doesn’t seem like a dark anime (not just because of Nyanko, but due to the other spirits that we meet). Hence, I don’t think there will be any ulterior motives with substance. Then again, plot lines change. But doing so jeopardizes the overall impression of the series.

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