Posted by: lostty | July 30, 2008

Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu episode 3

Another fairly good episode, this series continues to impress me! So, in this episode, just as promised, Yuuto visits Haruka’s house so they could study together. Though, he had a lot of trouble finding it with Haruka’s map (her maps are priceless!) until he met someone who drew him a new map, which led him straight to her house. As everyone probably expected, Haruka is filthy rich and her mansion is giant! It is so big, that when Haruka’s maid was guiding Yuuto to Haruka’s room it took half an hour! Haruka’s room looks like a fancy apartment in itself and Yuuto couldn’t help but manage to ask why she didn’t have any anime posters on her wall, the answered seemed obvious to me because it was simply because her love of anime is meant to be a secret (duh! Yuuto, don’t be so dumb). We also learn that it’s her father who is so against anime because he considers it “unhealthy”, which is absolutely hilarious! As they were studying there was a lot of blushing-oh-max on both parts, which was pretty funny to watch. It also ends up being that the person he met on the way to Haruka’s house was her sister Miko. Miko is one weird girl, firstly she is constantly letting Yuuto get a glance of more than she should and if I understood correctly, one of her hobbies was feeding bores? Though, I am glad that Miko mentioned that Haruka’s attempt at trying to hide her secret was really obvious and that basically everyone already knew about her obsession in the house. Though, it doesn’t hide the fact that Miko is probably the most perverted of all the characters that I’ve seen so far in this series.

For the midway point in the episode, when Haruka is at school, she ends up falling down and dropping everything out of her back, which included an anime magazine. They made this scene a lot more intense that it really had to be. Now, once everyone saw this they all started thinking that she was disgusting for having such a hobby, but luckily Yuuto took the blame proclaiming that it was his. I was surprised that people were actually really disgusted, but I guess that’s how they wanted the series to be like. Everyone believed him though, because he had a friend who was already an otaku himself. Though, even if everything was all cleared up, Haruka still didn’t attend school. Yuuto began to worry about it and decided  to go see if she was home because, naturally, he knows where she lives now (I think I just made that thought sound creepy?). He ended up meeting Miko instead who told him about Haruka’s past, which was a very tear jerking story about the hard life of being an otaku. When they went to go see Haruka in her room, she wouldn’t open the door. At first, you had a great moment where the maid took out a chainsaw and attempted to try to open the door with force, but when Miko screamed out that she would steal Yuuto from Haruka, she came out right away. Yuuto ended up comforting her and she ended up going to school the next day. It really surprises me how this series still manages to keep itself romantic. After, one of the students started insulting Yuuto for being an otaku, Haruka actually confessed that it was her who was the otaku! So shocking! I didn’t expect that by episode 3, but the next episode definitely has a guarantee to be very interesting. I still don’t really understand why I like this series, but I’m very excited for the next episode!



  1. hahahhaha! the chainsaw maid looks so funnnnyy!!! X)

  2. @rika: ya, it was funny, it was probably one of my favourite scenes in the series 🙂

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