Posted by: lostty | June 30, 2008

Vampire Knight 12

I had to make a double post because the last episode already basically came out and I don’t want to be behind on this series like I am for Kurenai(Special A will have to wait, I have time to catch up with that series). I didn’t make a catch-up post either because I have a lot to say about the episodes, it’s fun bashing this series. Anywho, so the dance is still in progress, but it was completely forgotten. Though, they did add in a bad joke between Shiki and Rima, a shame really. Well, at least it was better than Zero’s many over exaggerated hand gestures. In any case, Yuki tries to give her blood to Shizuka because she think sit will help Zero, but when Zero continuously tells her not to do it she still doesn’t care. That bothers me because if Zero doesn’t care for “saving himself” why would she strive so hard to do something he obviously doesn’t want. I guess it just falls in the category of reasons that make her stupid and naive. Though, to stop it all from happening, Zero ended up shooting Shizuka, of course that wasn’t the end of her yet. Then Zero met Ichiru again and another fight broke out and another sword went flying, which was very amusing. Also, now knowing that Miyano Mamoru does the voice of both Zero and Ichiru, I find it funnny when they have scenes between the two because he’s basically talking to himself.

Shizuka’s death was completely ruined! I felt it was rushed, in fact the whole episode was pretty rushed. The moment Kaname stuck his hand through her body didn’t feel intense at all, not ot mention that afterward it just looked awkward with his hand staying there hanging, looking dead sticking out of her body. For a pure blood who didn’t die after 3 shots of a anti-vampire gun, she died awfully fast after Kaname dealt with her. Of course, Aido saw it all and knows that Kaname killed her and not Zero. Aido really does like invading people lives more than anyone. So in all, this episode was a really bad manga interpretation. The animation was at its worse and I’m sure anyone would agree on that. I’m actually not sure what the next episode will be about . It really surprised me how much they covered in this episode and I expected this to be roughly where the season would end. The after effect of what happens in the manga isn’t that interesting so I didn’t really think they would end the series on a boring note, but I guess it could be interesting if done right. I would actually predict that the season will end on a cliffhanger because the second season is only an anime season away!



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