Posted by: lostty | December 26, 2008

Christmas is a time for giving…and Receiving!

The title of this post really shows off the greedy aspect of Christmas, but anyway…  So after a long joyful Christmas that I spent with my family involving a lot of food and gift exchanges, I decided to share some of the things that I received from my family, which is mostly related to anime evidently. Well, I first want to mention that I actually had to make a list for my parents so that they knew which animes and such I would want and I really am thankful to both them and my sisters for the gifts I did receive.

picture-296Yes, I know there is strike lines in the photo, it’s because of a messed up camera…

Even though there is some weird reflection to this photo of myself, this is evidently When They Cry volume 2, which was expected form Dad because a few years ago before Geneon and Funimation worked together, he bought me the first volume. Though, back then I didn’t even know much about the anime so it was a completely new thing to me. After watching that disturbing first arc, I was hooked and watched the whole season and the second on my computer, which I almost completely blogged every arc except for the two last ones of the second season, but the point was that he was so proud he introduced an anime to me. Though, when Geneon first brought them out, they came at a high price, but now it a lot more reasonable. Anyway, so when I told him I would be very happy to get the next disc, he apparently jumped at the chance and I’m glad I now get to continue my collection as I re-watch the season, especially since the sixth volume was just released recently. I really hope someone licenses the second season soon!


And much to my surprise, I also received Code Geass Part 2 and the Limited Edition at that!



The box is technically meant to be a throwaway, but I like it too much so I decided to just keep it anyway even though it takes up a lot of space on my shelve.


The contents that are in the box is the two DVDs with a bonus comic by Clamp and booklets, an episode CD (but they are English, which makes more sense I guess, but still disappointing) and volume 2 of the manga.


And for my family and I, we got a PS3! Though, so far we only have a game that came with the console called Uncharted and a Hokey game that’s really hard to play. I also received Wall-E for Blu-ray, which is awesome, but you technically need an HD wire or something to notice the difference from a Blu-ray disc. Owning Wall-E is still awesome though, I love Pixar films!



  1. A PS3?! Nooooooooooooooo! Are you playing with my feelings?!

    Haha…nice one though.

  2. Ah, some nice gifts 🙂

    Have fun with PS3 🙂

  3. A PS3!? So lucky…I want one too. But I didn’t ask for one (but a bunch of other stuff instead) so I have no right to complain.

    But oh crap. Now I’m reminded that the second box of Code Geass is out. And I want the limited edition to. Craaaap. Have to get it before “limited” causes it to run out. Though the first one still seems to be floating around.

    Anyway, seems like you had a pretty good Christmas (especially with that PS3…)

  4. Both shows are really good, but Code Geass is especially awesome!

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