Posted by: lostty | December 22, 2008

Clannad -After Story- episodes 9-12


The weather outside is frightful, but Clannad was so delightful!

I hope you enjoy that cheesy tag line I came up with, but it really is snowy outside now… Weather-people never tell the truth, it was supposed to be 20cm of snow, but judging by just looks and the amount of shoveling I did, I would definitely say it was more. At least it’s not icy anymore and the snow is pretty at that. So back to Clannad, which after watching these bunch of episodes have honestly left me in awe. So many intense things have happened and in episode 12 I actually cried! Not to mention there was finally a first mention of Fuko, which made me so happy to hear! I don’t know if there will be any more arcs anymore either because it seems that the series has gotten to the point that the story is really only between Tomoya and Nagisa. Yet, I guess it can be argued that the “arcs” are now hidden inside the episode like for example one episode spent the first half talking all about Yoshino, which was evidently an awesome story and one of the points in that episode that made me cry.

In episode 9 it basically finished the whole school aspect of the series. With graduation coming soon, everyone was deciding what they wanted to do with their lives, but Tomoya was left at a blank. Even Youhei had ambitions, though they were a bit unrealistic, at least he seemed devoted. He was planning on being a model, which is pretty hilarious for himself just at the thought. Though, during one of the drama club meeting Nagisa started feeling very feverish and turned out to be ill. She turned out to be too ill to even continue her lessons at school, which progressed through such a long period of time that she missed too much school and was told that she had to repeat the year again. Throughout all this time, Tomoya became more depressed than ever, which goes to show how dependent he is towards Nagisa as he wants to graduate with her, but he still stayed by her side everyday to keep her company, which brought us to one of the cutest moments of this season yet! It was when Tomoya and Nagisa held hands, it was just pure beauty. Holding hands has never been so adorable until now! Nagisa’s birthday also came around on December 24th and all her friends came to celebrate with her, which was a nice moment. Youhei ended up getting a rejection letter though, from the model agency, but it didn’t seem to kill his spirits too much. As a gift, Tomoya gave her a giant Dango, which really warmed my heart to see her hugging it!

Tomoya graduated soon after that day without the one person her cares most for, which is Nagisa. On his way to go see her again at home, he instead came across her out of bed on the street.  Surprised to see her, he then started basically giving a completely new confession proclaiming how much he loves her and how he wants to be let back a year too even if he did already graduate. Nagisa listened and when he started crying, she comforted him and in the background you could hear the faint music of the Dango song being played on the piano, which made it all the more emotional! I love my sensitive man even more now; Nagisa and Tomoya should really go down as one of the best couples of all time. Anyway, by the next episode Nagisa is better and is going to school once again, but for Tomoya he decides it’s time he gets employed. Akio and Sanae both agree that he can work at their bakery for the time being if they wanted, which was something I’ve at one point wanted to do until I found out about the hours, which were very early in the morning and my sleep is something I would not want to give up by waking up that early. For Nagisa, she tried to establish a Drama club for the new year, but not a single person joined, which is partially because everyone in her class considers her unapproachable being the only person repeating twice.

Tomoya continues working at the Bakery until he gets the opportunity to work with Yoshino as an electrician and in that same day, he also gets himself an apartment with the help of Ryou. He truly has become an independent man! Tomoya moves into his slick new home with the help form Akio and Nagisa. When everything is finally organized and unboxed Nagisa makes Tomoya some tea as she sings the Dango song, which really bring back memories. The next day Tomoya has his first day of work, which proves to all its audience that being an electrician is truly difficult work. When you have to stay on top of those poles primarily held up by a rope you have to make sure you balance your weight, which I would without a doubt believe is much more difficult than how Yoshino depicts. Tomoya and Nagisa are such a great match as they still want to be with another no matter how difficult it becomes. Nagisa continues to come by everyday to make Tomoya food and wake him up in the morning even though she has to get to school, it’s so sweet.

Tomoya then continues working as an electrician and even becomes friends with people at the work place. Nagisa continues to become concerned over Tomoya and his father’s relationship considering he hasn’t even told him that he moved out. By the next day, Yoshino tells his story to Tomoya, which was that basically at one point in his life he was a Rock God, but soon after realizing how unthoughtful he was, lost the will to compose. Then he started becoming a mess by doing drugs and such until he met the woman who is now his wife. As the episode continues, Tomoya’s dad actually gets arrested right when Tomoya gets another job opportunity of higher pay, which basically ruins his chances because of rumors. With Nagisa he actually goes to visit his dad at the police station, but this only leads to rage and Tomoya gets really pissed and starts running off and hitting walls with his fist, which looked really painful. However, he was finally able to calm down with Nagisa and then on a spur of the moment, proposed to her, which she said yes to! By this point I was crying once again because not only was seeing Tomoya in full rage depressing, but having Nagisa calm him down was so touching.

Tomoya and Nagisa have such a pure and innocent love that is so realistic and compelling to watch. The way these characters are portrayed is so emotional and life-like, which shows how this series is different form the other Key animes, which tend to have a more fantasy twist to it. After Story is really just as good as the first season was in my opinion, they are now both quite different form each other, but in positive ways. My one problem with the second season is the ending theme, which is basically a complete mood killer. I don’t find any aspects of it that great to begin with, but adding on to the fact that it doesn’t go with the series is definitely a negative review for me. The series is also so good at being funny like in one of the episodes where with Tomoya, Akio bought a fake Bengal monitor lizard, which is Sanae’s biggest fear and put it down her shirt. Tomoya couldn’t help but simply ask why, which is when Akio went ranting on to how it meant true love even if that basically made no sense. I know I’m going to without a doubt rewatch certain moments from these episodes again, after all they were some of the best! Having finally caught up with everyone on Clannad, I now have to wait for the next episode, which I’m so impatient for!



















Nagisa looks so cute in her outfit!












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