Posted by: lostty | December 19, 2008

Vampire Knight Guilty episodes 7-10

too cool for school Shiki/rido screencap

I’m finally free for the Holidays, but the massive catchup on animes has begun!

Finally the week is over and I am free to enjoy the Holidays! Though, the work load will never end because now with the free time I have, I need to prepare for the Holidays. However, at least that is more amusing than studying and lack of sleep. I’ve also downloaded a lot of films to watch over my break, which I will of course review! Anyway, so back to Vampire Knight, which I haven’t seen in weeks and have become very behind in with these idiotic posts of mine…

Something weird must have happened to me, but much to my surprise I actually enjoyed these episodes, the common problems this series had were still present, but somehow it seemed enjoyable in a different way than before. I was amused before because it was entertaining to see how badly everything was messed up, but this time around it was more of an amusement because it was entertaining in a positive way. Also, these past episodes went very far in the manga and it almost at the manga’s doorstep already, which brings us to the question on whether will get an anime original ending or just Yuki choosing neither Kaname nor Zero. So, in a nutshell, these episodes involved a lot of Shiki, who is now taken over by Rido who is a really mean guy who has thicker eyebrows with two different coloured eyes. He also seems to be quite abusive towards women. Though, Ichijo is defending him none the less because he primarily doesn’t want harm to the actual Shiki. Ichiru and Rido also made a compromise together to kill anyone responsible for Shizuka’s death because she was also Rido’s lover… Yuki, who is now Kaname’s “lover” is still upset over the fact that he won’t tell her anything about her own past, but all that changes when Kaname arrives to her bedroom from the window. At that moment, even I would admit that Kaname looks sexy as he stood in front of an open window as the wind blew in the snow. Though, naturally looking sexy in front of a window wasn’t his reason for being there, instead he “stole” Yuki from Zero, and he changes Yuki into a vampire.

Yet, the catch is that she was already one before, but Kaname brought her memories back in order and she finally remembers everything from when she was a child and Kaname was her brother, which is where the incest begins… The only evident change that makes her seem like a vampire is that she now has very long hair that magically grew. With everything beginning to finally become intense, Rido continues to eat random people until Rima finds out the truth of his identity and tries to stop him in hopes of getting her beautiful Shiki back. This was one of the first battles of this season and I’ve got to admit that it was really well done, it was short but cool. I’m glad that from her on out they decide to put more in the series because that’s one thing that the series does relatively well with doing. So, Cross Kaien the supposed most amazing vampire hunter whom ever lived, now struts his stuff by showing off how cool he can be too with his sword and hair let loose. Akatsuki also takes an opportunity to show finally the awesome side of himself when he shows off his vampire skill, which was fire, which made him look very attractive as well.

Cowboy man (Toga Yagari) comes into play as well as he confesses that he’s at the school on order from the vampire hunters association to kill Zero. In this whole mess, Zero is simply being even more emotional than usual, which I’m pretty sure we all thought not possible, but Cowboy Man doesn’t want to kill him and instead just gives him the choice of either killing himself or defending the things he loves most. More pretty interesting fights come about and they turn out to be pretty interesting too. Things continue to become intense as we find out that even when Rido escapes from Shiki’s body, he won’t be dead, but instead will just go back to his own, which is evidently what eventually happens. Yuki now a vampire, isn’t particularly happy and after all the day school was told to leave school grounds for their own safety, Yori her best friend realizes her absence and runs back to look for her. When Yori finds her, Yuki confesses everything and rather than being creeped out, Yori is understanding and kind. Yori is probably one of the few characters who have never at one point annoyed me. I guess it’s because she’s barely in it, but I think it’s also because she is such a kind person and proves that being in the dark can sometimes be a good thing.

I felt that all the episodes had a really good development. The plot was moving fast, but it still left time for our characters to mope about! All of the episodes also get some more points for having twice as many Shiki scenes as usual even if it isn’t even him, which is kind of pathetic. Aido also proves himself to be the nosiest guy around who basically evades everyone’s privacy trying to find out the full story, which to a degree annoys me, but he turns out to be kind as well with the comical scene between Yuki and him in episode 10. The one thing that still puzzles me even now, is why the vampires always have to lick the victims neck before they start sucking their blood. It does fit well with the scene at times, but in others it just seems awkward and it’s not like licking whoever it is before hand does anything besides increase the whole sexual aspect of it, but in most of the cases in this series that isn’t what they were looking for. Now that Rido has returned to his real body, I’ve really got to say he’s a cool guy. He makes a good villain and he has a cool personality. So overall, I kind of enjoyed these episode, they at least weren’t as bad as usual and did leave me wanting to see more. Anyway, the next episode judging from the name (Our Two souls) and how far the series has come seems like it’s going to revolve around Ichiru and Zero, which knowing the chapter it is based on is bound to be pretty good.




























The sexiest evil smile in this series as of yet!



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