Posted by: lostty | December 13, 2008

The Anime Season So Far


And a Christmas picture to start things off!

Although I am very behind on a lot of series, I’ve caught a glimpse of most and can at least give my opinion on them and since I am watching so much, I thought it would be a good idea to give an overall impression of them so far. So let the list begin!


Casshern Sins

Casshern only continues to impress me. It has a deep story that touches on a lot of subjects. It keeps its audience interested and I myself am always extremely intrigued by his hair. He just has so much hair, yet it’s all able to fit under that skin-tight helmet! Anyway, the art style is also unique and beautiful. My favourite episode, was episode three I believe, and it was the one revolving around the human, it just had such an interesting progression throughout the whole thing.



This seems to be one of the favourites among most, but I find it kind of boring, which is surprising because I like psychological stories. The characters do nothing for me and Takumi who is in the center of this all, is the most boring of the bunch! I do admit that it does leave me curious to what’s behind all these “closed doors”, but after a few episodes, I still wasn’t too impressed.


Clannad -After Story-

Clannad has managed to capture my heart once again! I was worried for this second season, but was pleasantly surprised to see how great it turned out to be! It didn’t change much from the first season, but the new arcs all manage to entertain me just as much as they used to. As I mentioned in my blog post, my least favourite arc so far was Yukine’s, but even at that it was still amazing! Also, the return of Tomoya is a good enough pleasure for me!


ef – a tale of melodies
The first episode left me disappointed and kept on bringing me down as I continued to watch the series. Although, I’m really behind on this sequel, so I’m curious to how it has developed since I’ve last seen it. The reason to why I was disappointed is that it didn’t have the feel I was expecting to get after just a single episode. This is somewhat lame of me because I basically told myself to expect a weak start since that’s how it started off in the first season for me, but I still have hopes for ef considering I really believe that it will get better as the series progresses. At least the art style is still just as I remembered.


Eve no Jikan

This has to be the best ONA I’ve ever seen. Although, I haven’t seen many so it isn’t that big an accomplishment… It’s a long between episode, but it’s really worth it considering the story is so amazing! The production quality is already amazing to begin with, but we also get treated with a great storyline. After every episode, I just continue to eagerly await the next!


Hakushaku to Yousei

It may be filled with one too many cliches, but it does its story well and we get what we would expect. Some of the characters are very annoying, but the few solid characters hold the series together and give me a reason to continue watching the show. Very attractive male characters are always a plus as well!



The series is funny, but not That funny. The series has a good plot, but nowhere near a Great plot. It is a little bit of everything, but that’s where my problem is. It never manages to exceed in one area. It’s amusing in the least and has some great potential with some awesome characters, but it continues to be just an average series for me.



It’s a SONY… I have fallen for the Kannagi craze! Somehow, this continues to be one of my favourite series of the season. It is too entertaining and amusing to even think about passing up. Some episodes are weaker than others, but in a whole, the story stays strong. Both the main characters and side characters are all so incredible! The comedy aspect is also actually funny and when it needs to be serious, it does it well.



I was super excited for this series to start and my excitement does continue throughout each episode although the series isn’t as good as I was hoping for, but having a high expectation always comes at a price! I like the setting of the series and the character designs are pretty much just awesome. I’m excited for more and the development in each episode continues to impress me, but the dog episode was definitely a weak point in the series…


Michiko to Hatchin

This series is another one to make my list of favorites of the season. I at first wasn’t even planning on giving it a chance, but after I noticed that many people were enjoying the series, I decided it was time to watch an episode or two. I was excited to find out that it really is something different. The series takes a lot of risks and I hope to see more series like this one in the future. I also love the opening!


Shugo Chara!! Doki

The second season brings a new enemy and new “power ups”, but besides that there isn’t much difference. With a series like this though, it’s expected, but the original elements that got me watching it in the first place are still present. Though, my only problem is how the story is a little too crowd pleasing, in the sense that they give too much of everything in one episode to make sure there is no complaints I guess. However, being a fan of the first season naturally keeps me watching this one, especially for more Ikuto!


Skip Beat!

This series is average and a bit disappointing compared to the manga, but it still stands strong as an entity by itself. The animation isn’t anything amazing, but the soundtrack is at least pretty good, The characters are portrayed quite well and I like how the “hated” characters are so lovable.



This is another favourite of mine. It seems predictable and just like any other series, but it still holds something different to it, which keeps me coming back for more. The characters are amazing and extremely strange, which is a good thing in my opinion. I like series like thsi, where there isn’t much of a care in the world while you watch it. It also manages to not take itself too serious, but also not become just one joke after another. The series is heading in one direction, though it’ll be interesting to see what crossroads it meets considering at the moment it is set for a 25 episode series.


Vampire Knight Guilty

The new season is just as the first, which is an utter failure. There is so much to complain about, which is why I find it so amusing to watch. It also pretty much ruined my impression on the manga, but at least I can get a good laugh while watching it. Now don’t get me wrong, there are some positive points to it, but it’s nowhere near or worthy of the hype it is getting now. Although, Shiki makes it all worth it!


Yozakura Quartet

I can barely even remember the last time I watched an episode from this series. I was enjoying it, but the plot seemed a little too repetitive. I’m not really into the action parts, but everything else is at least more entertaining. I like the soundtrack as well and even though I don’t love every single character, a lot of them are very entertaining.

Series I’ve dropped (for now)


Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka

One episode was already one too many for me. I can tell what kind of series it was right away and I didn’t want to get myself involved into another stupid series like that while I still had the chance. It’s rare for me to give up a series so fast, but I still don’t regret it and I don’t plan on changing this decision anytime soon.


Tales of the Abyss

This series became too annoying…fast. Considering that within the first few episodes I was already very bored, I decided it wouldn’t be worth waiting it through to see if it got better for 26 episodes. Though, I do think this has high chance for me to pick it back up, as long as if I notice people enjoy the series.


To Aru Majutsu no Index

There wasn’t anything I particularly disliked about this series, but first, it kind of got boring after the second episode. My second reason, is because it just isn’t my type of series. It had a lot going for it, but it’s rare for me to really get into the whole magic genre, unless it is evidently the magical girl genre. I find this because aside from series like Cardcaptor Sakura and Lyrical Nanoha, magic series can get extremely boring when it comes to fights. Just throwing orbs and such back and forward is repetitive, which is why I decided to drop this series.



  1. Wow. I think you’re watching every anime I am, plus more. How do you do it!?

    I think you summed up Doki so far perfectly too. Seems like they’re trying to just please different parts of the fandom in each episode, or even multiple parts of the fandom and it isn’t quite working. But it’s Shugo Chara, so I will watch it.

    And you are so lucky that you dropped Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka. It’s gotten even stupider.

  2. @FuyuMaiden: I barely manage to watch all these series, which is why I’m always so behind, when it’s a good season I just don’ know when to stop myself in how many series I plan on watching…
    Another problem with Shugo Chara is that it takes about 20 episodes for anything to happen, but as you mentioned it is Shugo Chara and thus I continue to watch.
    And Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka becoming even more stupider doesn’t surprise me, it barely had a plot to begin with, so I can already figure how they keep their audience watching…

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  4. actually Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka has been quite funny, and episode 10 and 11 are really cool. So far even thought it comes from a hentai pc game, i dont remeber seen too much fanservice.

    in fact i started with ep 10 get hooked and then start from the beginning.

  5. @Van: I don’t doubt you, but that type of plot line seems a little too common for me. Although, as I’ve mentioned, I’ve only dropped the series until further notice…. If everyone really enjoys it, then maybe I’ll give it another chance.

  6. You dropped Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka and To Aru Majutsu no Index?.. How sad…

  7. @Arachnicus: I’m surprised by how many people are defending Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka, I guess it isn’t as bad as it seems….. I do feel bad dropping To Aru Majutsu no Index, but if I really get the time I need to watch everything, I will pick it back up

  8. I’ve continued giving Tales of the Abyss it’s time despite the incredibly annoying first 9 or 10 episodes. It’s just that Luke is a complete asshat, but around episode 9 or 10 he changes his tune and actually becomes somewhat humble. The few episodes since he stopped being an ass have been pretty good. The series is allowing us to actually empathize with a character, which was a quality it was missing before. If the series continues to improve I might have to look upon those first 9 or 10 episodes as doing a masterful job of making us hate the main character to make his redemption later on be all the more gratifying.

    Also, have you checked out Kurozuka or Mouryo no Hako? Those are pretty psychological as well without the cute character designs and whiny main character of Chaos;Head.

  9. You are probably watching as many or even more animes than me! I’m glad to see someone who is giving many animes a chance.

    ToA is definitely one of my favorite this season but I can be biased since I played the game first. But seriously, after episode 8, it should get better from there.

    I am in total agreement with you with AkaSaka. Unlike you though, I gave it four episodes and dropped it right after. I still watch it, only to make fun of it some more. ^_^;;

    The only show that I REALLY REALLY want to watch but haven’t gotten the chance to is Michiko to Hatchin. From what you said, it seems like an anime I would enjoy so I’ll try it one of these days.

    Nice posts. 🙂 Even though I don’t agree with everything, it’s nice to read a different opinion on various animes I love.

  10. @Taka: I’ve hear from many that after a while Tales of the Abyss does start to get better, I guess I might have to give it another chance… I haven’t given either of those series a chance, but after giving them a second glance, they do seem interesting. If time is on my hands, I will give them both a try.

    @Minnie: I like to give many animes a chance, but I do admit that many of the times I completely ignore an anime without a second thought. Having played the game really would change your outlook on the anime I’d imagine and considering Tales of the Abyss got a good budget, you must be pretty happy about how thinks have turned out. Michiko to Hatchin is really worth the watch, it has a little something for everyone, I highly recommend it. Thanks for enjoying my post!

  11. hai………… why are you???????????

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