Posted by: lostty | December 6, 2008

Clannad -After Story- episodes 7+8


Another Cute Kid Trap!!!

I don’t know how to express how guilty I feel at my absence of any posts! I’m really sorry, the weeks are only getting more stressful, but luckily I only have two more weeks to endure before I’m free, before that moment, I’ll try to catch up with everything as soon as I can get to it. At least, I can watch them in arcs for the moment, but I’ll try to get back to my usual format, as I mentioned, when I have the time. It has honestly felt like forever since I’ve had to chance to watch Clannad. This time we get an arc all about Yukine, who is the girl who hangs out in the library’s reference room, which brings me back to the point that I mentioned awhile ago to why Clannad is so enjoyable. It is a genius story because it is able to make every character have a part in the overall plot, nobody is left as just an extra character with no meaning, which tends to annoy me very often. If a series has solid characters, it guarantees a good watch, which is exactly what Clannad is. Anyway, so the whole point to this arc was that it turned out that Yukine basically gets caught up in gang fights between two different gangs in the city. Though, she is neutral to them both and tends to their wounds if need be. Her brother Kazuto is one of the gang leaders, which is why she gets involved in these things, but she plays more of the role as a peace keeper.

On her way home from the school as she was walking with Nagisa, Tomoya and Youhei they encountered an adorable little kid asking for his sister back from Yukine. His name is Yu, he knows that Yukine has a brother that barely anyone sees, and so he thought it would be smart to find them both to ask for his sister back who escaped to join the gang and date one of its members. I swear, Clannad really seems to be trying to lure its audience with cute naive short kids! As much as I know it’s a trap, I can’t help but fall for it because he is too adorable! I love his hair and whenever he tries to be the “bad boy” in a situation it just makes me want to squeal! Anyway, as he was begging for his sister back, Youhei decided to make a mess of the situation by claiming he was Kazuto. The following day, Yukine agrees that she would help him search for his brother, but before that time, he decides to skip school for a day to follow around Youhei to say how true man acts. Yu looked adorable in the school’s uniform and evidently everything else he did! Yukine does find his sister sure enough and Nagisa, Youhei and Tomoya all take a visit to the gang to see if everything turns out well. They were surprisingly nice people, though they did get pissed when they found out about Youhie impersonating Kazuto of all people! As they were all walking home, the other gang evidently gets a wrong message and start to believe that Youhei is in fact Kazuto.

Within the next half of the arc, I fight breaks out between both gangs, but they decide to make it gang leader versus gang leader. Though, since one side doesn’t get the point that Kazuto is in the hospital, the other gang decides that Youhei will have to be the one to fight them. On the day of the fight, Nagisa says that she brought some bread form her bakery. It’s her mom’s newest creation Hyper Rainbow bread, there was also jam to accompany its awesomness, which looked awfully familiar like the jam that has made its debut in Kanon, which is definitely not a good sign. Basically everyone on Youhei’s side of the gang world and Youhei him decided to eat it, but instead of getting the energy she promised, they just fainted instead. With the fight about to start and everyone knocked out, Tomoya decides to go into battle! Honestly, if anyone else saw me as I was watching this fight they would think I was pathetic since I kept on screaming things out like “Double Punch!”, “Oh!” and “Ouch! Double K.O!”. As you can see, I don’t have much of an extensive vocabulary to things like that except for my knowledge learned from Tekken games, which isn’t much. After another epic battle for Clannad, we get some more tragic moments, which brought us to the end of the arc.

Surprisingly enough, everything did turn out well and the take home message was that you can always rely on your family whether they are biological or a gang! I felt this was the weakest of the arcs that I’ve seen so far, but it was still very enjoyable. I was actually expecting the arc to be more like Sayuri’s from Kanon, since they basically are the same person, but it really turned out Completely different. It had some nice twists, even though they were somewhat predictable and there was a lot of very memorable moments. The reason I think I feel this may have been the weakest was because I really didn’t relate or feel much towards these gang members and they didn’t really interest me to begin with either. Though, they really have to be without a doubt the nicest gang members out there, which is kind of ridiculous. However, this arc does get many points for Yu, who deserves to be added on to my increasing list of cutest kids ever! When he was trying to copy Youhei, it was so adorable and absolutely hilarious, it makes me wonder if the next arc will have someone cute to come? Some of the funniest moments I found in this arc was first when Youhei tried to ask Yukine out and she completely rejected him just as everyone else (poor guy). Also, the scene where Nagisa wanted Yukine to sleep and the charm to have a good night sleep is to seep on someone’s lap, which is when Nagisa pretty much forced Tomoya to let Yukine lie on him. Tomoya was evidently very tense about it, but it was cute. It’s sort of amusing how Tomoya has been through this whole change and now trying to be a good student, though if you think about it, he actually has been in a lot more fights since the first season, but they have been for good causes at least. Anyway, I was glad to be able to quench my thirst for Clannad once more and I’m excited to see what the new arc will be about since it seems to be back to its usual characters again!





















  1. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


  2. @Alena: Thanks, I appreciate it! Though, I’ve been pretty behind lately on everything…

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