Posted by: lostty | December 1, 2008

Skip Beat episodes 5+6+7 (catch-up)


Love Me?

Well, I’m not on hiatus or dead or anything like that, I just had a very short and busy weekend. December has begun, but it’s not like the work load has decreased or anything, but in just 3 agonizingly long weeks I will be free on my holiday break! Until then, I will just have to be a sleep deprived non-stop studying girl, that is until I get my break as I mentioned… Anyway, I’m now in the stages of being super behind and desperate to catch-up, but it seems I’m not the only one behind and got up with the exams and work, so it is comforting, but I am sorry. The positive is that this turned out to be a whole arc, so it works out nicely. However, this series hasn’t been impressing me that much, but it’s not like I plan to drop it anytime soon and I enjoyed this arc, which I plan to summarizing in as few lines as possible! So, the bright pink uniform horrors has begun as Kyoko finally gets accepted under LME’s wing in the new “Love Me” section. The whole point is that she must get people to love her by filling her stamp book with good mark points, the jobs she gets are for the most part those equivalent to a janitor.

Later as a different ask, she has to take care of an actress names Matsunai who has too big an ego and annoys everyone around her, she also claims to be unable to walk under the sun and walk for long distances. Naive Kyoko evidently took her story to heart and carried her the whole way up a large hill when the car broke down halfway through their drive to get to a filming location. However, as she was carrying her she at one point fell and fractured her ankle. Matsunai was pissed and left Kyoko helpless before Ren, who took a walk from the filming site came across her. From the moment she was brought back to the set, the annoying Matsunai challenged Kyoko to a battle of acting, which is what the whole arc turned out to be about. Kyoko turned out to be an amazing actress even though many of her scenes involved putting stress on her fractured ankle and Matsunai learned that she shouldn’t be so unprofessional and that she should take her acting seriously. Sho and Ren also had their first encounter together in episode 5 and it was pretty easy to tell that Ren won this silent battle. Ren’s legs continue to impress me in their length as I noticed that his legs reach the middle of his manger’s body, it looks like he had some sort of growth sprout to the extreme, but at least it looks entertaining.

I liked this arc, it was a nice thing to start us all off with, though it wasn’t anything amazing. Matsunai annoyed me a little too much and it wasn’t in the sense of good annoying, but rather something more irritating. Although, that may only be because people like that seriously bother me, at least she changed for the better in the end and her hair looked fairly nice beside that weird fringe thing she had. The series seems to have a nice soundtrack, the music in the background works well with what is going on especially with the “evil music aura” that is heard very often in this series. There was also a lot of funny moments that were very enjoyable such as Kyoko feeling like a helpless turtle and how her ankle was like a Godzilla of pain, but my amusement from the Godzilla joke may only be from the fact that I caught a glimpse on the weekend of the film Godzilla vs. Mothera, which had the funniest dub of all time! Anyway before I get too distracted, this arc also introduced a little more about Kyoko’s past, which sets the anime off well for more progression to come. My favourite thing about the anime though, is the constant use of the chibi animation. It works really well with the chosen moments and makes any scene drastically better. As I mentioned before, there was nothing particularly amazing to this arc, but it was enjoyable enough and a good start for what is to come.

















  1. Yes, the semester is coming to the end… Good luck with your studies 🙂

    I like the pictures, especially the ones with flowers 🙂

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  3. ack….I totally forgot about this show =.= now I gotta marathon a few hours to catch up to the show again =.=

  4. @Kitsune: Thank you! I wish the same for you as well! I like that picture as well, though I find that it doesn’t look at all like Kyoko….

    @Desangel: I’m behind on so many of the currently airing series 😦 I need to make a mini marathon as well for at least have of this season’s series… I hope you enjoy Skip Beat!

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