Posted by: lostty | November 24, 2008

Vampire Knight Guilty episode 6


As Zero would say…It’s Nothing

I’m so behind on these series, but I guess it’s the same case for everything else, still one day I’ll be on time with everything! This was a boring episode, but the ending brought a promising future, which for me means Shiki! However, thsi epsiode begins with Kaname continuously talking about his plan based on his little games of chess by himself, which is a stolen idea as we already know. Though, the real question is, has anyone ever seen Kaname actually play chess against someone else? At the moment, he may technically be a really bad player and he just uses them because he finds it fun to play with the pieces. That sounds very unlikely, but I still think it is possible. Well, he continued to talk to Cross Kaien and pretty much acting like a snob. I must be the only one with this opinion, but he seems so stuck up and thinks he’s better than everyone and even if he is meant to be the almighty pureblood, doesn’t mean he has to walk around proclaiming his awesomeness (even if he doesn’t really do that). I don’t see what everyone likes about him, besides his looks that is?

On the other side of the academy, which is basically back at the day dorm, Yuki and Yori head to class where they meet Zero. I had to mention this meet because it seemed too comical, Yori says good morning to Zero, he says the same thing back, then Yuki says the same thing back to him and then he just turns towards her and says good morning again! He seemed way too bored by them, his anti social attitude is so entertaining! Later on, Yuki gets some of the night class to follow her around on Kaname’s orders. Aido’s voice is so sexy, but the actual contents of his words were annoying as he mentioned the reason they have to follow her is because Kaname is too secure. Not only is it annoying for her, but the fact that he’s too lazy to even stalk her himself is pathetic. By the way, as much as I seem so cold to Kaname in this post, I don’t actually hate him this much, I just feel pissed off at him as of recenty. Later on in class, Yuki has the most dramatic faint of all time and she gets brought to the infirmary. As Aido was standing outside, Ichiru decides to let himself in where he executes his plan for revenge, which was to try and make Yuki a vamp with Shizuka’s old blood. He actually could have accomplished the task if it wasn’t for that annoying bell in his hair that always jingles that caught Aido’s attention.

I don’t really see how he could have done the job anyway, but normal logic escapes Vampire Knight after all. After getting caught, Headmaster Cross comes to talk to him and all he really says is that Ichiru should change his style of life, but the weird thing with that scene was that Headmaster Cross had something really weird on his face. It was evidently some sort of facial lotion, but the real question is why?! I guess they wanted to make a joke with it or something, but without any notice it’s just plain weird. The rest of the episode was basically about people talking about revolting looking vegetable soup that looked like it had a giant squash in the middle or something foreign to this world. The end brings good news for everyone because Shiki has returned! Well, not really shiki, but I’ll be happy with any Shiki. This was a pretty boring episode that really had nothing to it, kaname continues to not tell Yuki anything, while Zero pretends to not care. Basically, nothing out of the usual… This series has lost all hope a long time ago that it would amount to anything, so I’m honestly just watching it for the comical reasons, but at least writing all my complaints down is entertaining! More Shiki goodness to come!




  1. […] unknown . Excerpt: I don’t really see how he could have done the job anyway, but normal logic escapes Vampire Knight after all. After getting caught, Headmaster Cross comes to talk to him and all he really says is that Ichiru should change his style of … […]

  2. By the looks of it, VK seems to be losing its luster. I haven’t watched anything beyond Episode 3, but that might have been a good thing.

    The manga is not much better either. Not only does it get published in an untimely manner, but the past chapters have been rather slow, if not pointless.

  3. @7: There never was much going for the vampire knight anime, but it’s even more so now….
    I agree with you about the manga as well, the new chapters aren’t worth even waiting for! They are either too pointless or if something actually happens, it’s sometimes too difficult to understand because all the characters now look the same…

  4. ii hink tht vampire knight guilty is extremly amazing ii didnt hnk tht Kaname was yukki’s brother or tht she was a vampire oh i wonder what happens next will sum wan upload da full series then get to me ma bebo address is littomissmorgan/

    thankz xx

  5. @vicki: I’m sorry, but it would help if you wrote out your sentences better, but as I mentioned before, the series is still airing and thus will not be uploaded until then. Those really were some intense moments from the series, although I’m very behind right now…

  6. i like 2 read vampire knight in onemanga because they have alot of books. i love anime books.

  7. @malena wong: yup…. onemanga is a good source for manga.

  8. on 4.answer:lovely complex what is the real title. please oh please tell me soon because i was watching it once and i forgot the title

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