Posted by: lostty | November 19, 2008

Tekkon Kinkreet ~Review~


I caught some sort of flu, which absolutely sucks, but among the times when I actually wasn’t asleep, I managed to watch Tekkon Kinkreet. As I hoped, the film was nothing short from amazing as it brought you on the emotional road of the bond between two kids and the choices of good and evil. Besides being visually amazing, the concept was also very original. The story takes place in a ghetto called Treasure Town where two orphans known as Black and White clear the streets of thugs and wrongdoers. Though, when some new organization tries to completely wipe out the city and replace it with an amusement park, it soon becomes a much harder task than they could have ever expected. Facing the most difficult challenge of saving there town, not only are there lives put on the line physically, but mentally too as the worst in everyone finally appears.



This movie truly has some of the best cast of characters out there. They all have a story behind them, that leaves you intrigued to learn more about their past. We start the film off with this cooler than life character known as Black, who’s a very intelligent but violent thirteen year old kid who was forced to grow up. However, as much as he strives to show his independence towards those who look down on him, he turned out to be always dependant towards White, who really gives him his reason for living. He is eventually given a choice between his violent ways or White, which is when he realizes what he’s truly become. As for White, he plays on childhood innocence, but he also realizes what is happening to the town he lives in and he is always very open towards his emotions. The only characters who I can really question most about is the giant purple things. Just as both White and Black thought, I figure they must be aliens as well, through the fact that they are purple and speak some weird language…

Purple People!

Visually by itself, the film is amazing! I found it pretty easy to adapt to the odd animation, but I can see how some would find it more difficult and may even dislike it. The characters have a simplistic look to them, but the backgrounds are extremely detailed. Though, even I would admit that whenever any of the characters smiled, no matter how pleasant the context was, it still seemed extremely freaky. So, the soundtrack was also very good. I honestly didn’t really know what type of film this was going to be, but it turned out very violent. By the end of the movie I think every character shared the fact that they were either hit with a crowbar, shot or thrown against a hard wall at least once. The characters and story progressed beautifully as well! True, there is a lot of symbolism to handle, but they make it in such a way that the story is still easy to understand. Personally, I loved all of the symbolism used because it helped me think more critically about what had just happened in that scene.

I know many are going to choose to just ignore this film, but I strongly suggest you think again. This is truly an impressive movie that will be worth your time!



  1. Ah! You finally caught some sort of bug. I sorta caught one not that long ago…that plus high bp and sugar due to stress.

    And yea…the animation is very peculiar. Makes me ponder if this was all intentional or not.

  2. @7: I’m not too sure on this myself, but I believe the animation was intentional because it was originally based off a manga of the same name and although I haven’t read it, I’m pretty sure the art is a similar style.

  3. I hope you’ll feel better soon 🙂

    I have not seen this film yet, but should do it by the end of the year 🙂

  4. @Kitsune: Thanks, I have been better since Wednesday, although my cold still lingers 😛
    Anyway, I’ll be awaiting your review if you do get the chance and see it!

  5. it’s so damn violent tha i feel guilty for liking this movie. But the core of the story is very tender and the main characters are great

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