Posted by: lostty | November 16, 2008

Clannad -After Story- episodes 5 + 6 (double post)


Cat Appreciation!

TOO CUTE! Shima has truly captured my heart in all his essence! I was meant to write a post up long ago, but a lot of work and other activities piled up and prevented me from really doing any anime related things, but this week is going to be a lot simpler, so I’m going to take it to my advantage and really watch all the things I need to, so thank you for understanding! Anyway, considering this is a very late post, I’m going to make the review very choppy and shortishIn episode 5, we have the introduction to a new arc, which is about Misae’s past. The episode starts off with the illusionary world, which was one of the more depressing of the ones we’ve seen because the robot guy points out how before he came, she must have been extremely lonely. I wonder if by the end of the season we’ll get a deeper understanding about the illusionary world, but I kind of understand how it plays into the overall story. In the “real” world Tomoya and Nagisa were visiting Youhei, but one thing leads to another and we find out Misae’s gives advice to everyone and she decides to give advice to Tomoya and Nagisa saying that they should go to a Autumn Festival together. They also start talking about the cat who lives in the dorm, who has been featured since the first season. I’ve always loved that cat and he gets a little spotlight finally. Of course, nothing is truly confirmed yet in this episode, but I think it’s safe to say that the cat is probably Shima from Misae’s past.

The flashback finally begins and the story was basically that Misae loved this guy who didn’t have the same feelings for her. She meets an adorable guy names Shima, who says that he can grant her one wish, but she just thinks it’s a lie. He keeps on visiting her asking what she would want as a wish, but she doesn’t really care, until one day, the guy she liked, told Shima that he already had a girlfriend. This was when it really started to get sad because he had to tell her the news, but before he was able to explain it, she witnessed it for herself. Shima was in tears and she just left. It was really tragic and seeing my new found love Shima cry, made me try to fight back tears myself! Misae’s story is really very interesting and I’m glad we are getting a more in dept understanding of all the characters. This is one of the reasons why this is such a strong series when it comes to its characters because they all play a purpose unlike in other series. The scenes that had Tomoya in, were also gorgeous and Shima has become the cutest character! Though, am I the only one who finds that he reminds me of Makoto from Kanon? Well, that’s okay because, Makoto was my favouirte character from Kanon, but the whole story with the fox and the supposed cat are similar on some levels…

Episode 6 continued the now tear jerking story, as it ends the arc. The episode started itself off with the classic clannad music, which prepares you for more depressing events. So, since the last encounter of both Shima and Misae, the next day she doesn’t attend school. When he goes to find her, they talk for a long time and he confesses that he loves her. She firstly doesn’t really react much at all, but afterward, she decides that she’ll accompany him when she sees him waiting outside the school on her way out. One day, her friends tell him, that she can’t come because she has a meeting inside with the rest of the school council, he tells them how he’d like to see her “work”, so her friends dress him up as a girl. It was pretty funny to see this and especially funny, when even they mentioned how he looked adorable as a girl as well. We also got to see Yoshino playing his guitar and singing in the background, which was evidently pure awesomeness! Though, when he finally found Misae, “he” said to her how he’d always want to be with her, which in his attire would give people the wrong message, but she knew it was him anyway. Afterward, when she went back to her work, her friends asked if they could visit his house, but he told them that he didn’t really remember where he lived… When he found what he believed to be the right house, we found out the mother of a diseased child named Shima lived there. Shima then reminds himself that he isn’t actually the real Shima because he was simply just sent out on a mission with his wish, but Misae’s friends promised not to tell her what they found out.

I was expecting there to be more to where he was living and such because he wore the same outfit everyday, so I figured there was a reason behind it. That night, they attend the Fall Festival together, but he reminds her how she still has a wish and she finally decides to use it by wishing to be with him forever. It was so romantic and they even kiss (or very intimately hugged)! I was in tears from the beauty of it all, though all good things come to an ends, when he says he can’t be there anymore and before she knows it, he has disappeared. They just pulled a Fuko on us, except this time, Misae has to remember everything between them! Yet, he reminds her how he’ll be with her forever, whcih is why he is now a cat and when Tomoya tells Shima’s final thoughts to Masae, they become reunited! Another amazing arc that was really emotional. Shima turned out to be more adorable than life and Misae was a lot more interesting than I would expect. I liked how the story was all in Tomoya’s dream and how it centered around that fact, but it’s a bit odd how nobody questioned the fact that he did have this dream. A new arc is once again going to begin and I’m really excited for that!


























  1. My Misae appreciation and respect just went up because of these episodes. ^_^

  2. Very good screenshots 🙂 I especially like the one with slanted angle and the sunset 🙂

    The kitty is so cute 🙂

  3. @7: Agreed!

    @Kitsune: Thank you, your photoessays have inspired me to add a little more images to my posts, although at the moment I’m only doing it for Clannad.

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