Posted by: lostty | October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

The most awesomest picture of Sakura ever!

Instead of working on my long delayed Clannad post, I decided to go out and celebrate Halloween! Though, I haven’t completely neglected it because I seriously plan on getting it done as soon as I can afterward. Although, the purpose of this post is that I just wanted to wish everyone a joyful Halloween! This year, my friends and I are most likely going to be seeing some horror film in theaters and buying a bag of candy and pretending we got it for free! I plan on dressing up as a raccoon,  although I don’t look much like one at all, so most people will probably think I’m a cat or something… Anyway, I hope you all have fun on this happy day and have a great Halloween!



  1. Happy Halloween too 😀

  2. Found your blog via Anime Nano, and I rather like it! ^^

    And happy halloween! =D

  3. Happy Halloween to you as well!

    And OMGTHATPICTUREOFSAKURA! That’s one I actually don’t have stored in my massive Sakura folder.


  4. Happy Halloween to you too!

  5. I hate giving lollies to kids who don’t dress up 😛

  6. Happy Halloween, Lostty 🙂

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  8. I’m happy you chose that image, it’s the cutest

  9. Thank you everyone! I hope you all enjoyed Halloween as well! 😀

  10. Happy Halloween

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