Posted by: lostty | October 28, 2008

Skip Beat episode 3

Daikon Power!

So this turned out to be quite an entertaining episode and things are finally moving along. This episode ends the auditions and also shows us the aftermath, which will lead to the introduction of the Love Me Section. After the last episode, where it ended with Kyoko showing off her special skill, we see what it really it is, which is a special technique of cutting a “Daikon” into the shape of a flower. Evidently, such a difficult and obscure talent impressed Lory, the president of LME, and got her into the next round even though, she was disappointed that her Daikon didn’t take the appearance of a rose, but rather a cabbage. Though, after Moko predicts that Kyoko will fail the next round, it actually comes true. The second round was more to show off your acting skills and the task was to listen to a cellphone call and respond to it. Moko went right before her and all the judges were super impressed with her ten second tears.

When it was Kyoko’s turn, she heard a message from a man saying he was sorry for being such a self centered guy, but all the traits that were listed reminded her of Sho, which really aggravated her and instead of accepting the apology, she literally broke the cellphone. I always find it so amusing, how whenever she completely spazzes out, she actually seems really crazy and everyone around her always becomes frightened. Later, when the results to whom made it through were listed, Kyoko wasn’t one of them and Takenori decided to explain to her why. Basically, the reason to why she wasn’t excepted is that she lacks the feeling of love and without out that you can never get an audience to like you. Kyoko just accepted this instead of fighting for it and when she got home, the only thing she managed to do, was cry her eyes out. The scene where we see her ripping her Sho poster and crying all night, actually made me really depressed as well. The series really did a good job of conveying the characters feelings and this wasn’t the only case, it also happened before in scenes where she was aggravated or upset, I really feel for Kyoko’s character as well. Although, emotions usually do play a big part in a shoujo series, I just wanted to point that out with this series because many series usually make it seem all too fake.

By the next day, every character was having doubts on their decisions, which leads us off to a new chapter. Much to my surprise, I really liked this episode. Before I saw it, I wasn’t expecting much because like I mentioned I considered this sort of an introduction to the series, but that wasn’t really the case after seeing it. By now, I have finally adapted to the animation and I even think it works well with the show. The only thing, that sort of weirds me out is all the skirt shots of Kyoko because none of them are in a promiscuous way at all, yet there is so many times the focus lies only on where her skirt lies. I also always never particularly liked her fashion sense for the most part, so it basically just odds me out. I guess I’ll just add it to the category of thinks I may never understand. Anyway, the anime is doing a pretty good job of living up to the manga and I’m interested to see if it stays constant like that for the whole series. The next episode seems good and I like how we actually get some clips for the preview and how its incorporated into the ending theme, which has a really catchy tune for its song!



  1. Nice writing style. I look forward to reading more in the future.

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  3. @Eric Lee: Thank you 🙂

  4. Ooooh, sweet stuff! Looks like something I’m going to have to check out in the future.

  5. I have not seen this episode yet, but the chibi Kyoko looks cute :3

  6. @Radiant: It’s one of the better series this season, I hope you get a chance to see it and enjoy it!

    @Kitsune: As much as it’s chibi, some part of me is a bit freaked out at how she hold that knife X)

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