Posted by: lostty | October 25, 2008

Vampire Knight Guilty episode 3

A boring episode that was lacking in Shiki scenes.

Sorry for the late post, I was asleep most of the day and when I finally woke up I went over to my friend’s house to watch some movies, but I got around to watching Vampire Knight eventually! This episode wasn’t anything special, but it did start the Shiki chapter I’ve been waiting to see! Though, I’m disappointed that it’s spread out over more than one episode… The rest of the episode, was a little bring, but I never felt that the chapter was even interesting in the manga, so it’s not much surprise. So, what happens is that most of the people in the Night Dorm head off for vacation to Aido’s manor, but Aido himself doesn’t even go. Shiki doesn’t go either, but instead has to go visit his family. Rima was evidently disappointed, but she gave him a pack of Pocky for the long wait. I still don’t understand why Shiki is always associated with eating Pocky every episode, but whatever the reason is it really seems unnatural every time! The story is also starting to get too messy because the chapters are mixed in a bad way, so everything is disjointed and ugly.

Anyway, so what happens is that Aido knows that Zero is a vampire, Yuki continues her favourite hobby from last season, which was letting Zero bite her at every chance. Aido thinks about the past, which is almost always interesting in any series for me, but in this case is just dull. Aido asks Kain to look through the files of all the past night dinner parties because he wants to know Kaname’s secret. Personally, I think Aido already knows enough secrets, he always seems to be the one guy who really knows what’s going on! So, the nigh class just hanged about and slouched on couches talking about boring things. As for Shiki, he came home to his house and not much even happened with him, his character seemed particularly boring because his voice was a little too monotone. His conversation with his mother turned dull because they both had that same voice, although the scenes with his mom seemed a little more incestuous than I remembered. The episode ended with Aido looking all worried because in Kaname’s room he saw a bunch of chess pieces broken (cheesy!) and he realizes that Kaname is evidently plotting something! You don’t actually see Kaname play chess often, but whenever you do, he always seems to be playing alone. I don’t really see how that works because when I was younger and had nothing better to do, I tried playing it by myself and it just didn’t work out, not to mention, it becomes pretty boring when you know what the opponents next move will be anyway. Though, Kaname is technically thinking of “strategies” with these chess pieces, which is just uncalled for unless it was in Code Geass.

In general, there wasn’t much to this episode and it just felt boring and slow. Seeing Aido as a youngen was cute, but Kaname and the others weren’t very cute at all when they were young. Kaname’s attitude still feels the same as last week, which was aloof and antisocial. His character is also starting to bore me and Zero has been a thing of the pass for me. Zero only gets less sexy by each passing episode, sadly this anime has also tainted my view on the manga to some extent and I see the characters much like I do in the anime now. Also, Aido with his little bath scene was really strange? As much as I would just love to mention once again that this series really has to pick itself up because it is plain lame, I have given up on that! It is much more easier to view this series in a comical way because only then might it be entertaining. I hate that I’m already complaining about the series by the third episode, but after watching this episode, it just reminded me of all the reasons to why I disliked the third. Though, naturally I wouldn’t be blogging this series if there wasn’t some sort of good in this series and I would be lying to say I hate every second to it, but I just wish they could have made a better series from an amazing manga. Well, some things to look forward to in the next episode is more Shiki scenes, which will make me a happy fangirl!



  1. This episode was full of emo moments. 😦 I didn’t want to admit it but unfortunately, that’s the truth.

    And for once, Shiki and Rima got seperated. 😦

  2. Dramatic.

  3. @7: Yes… Shiki and Rima will be separated for a quite a while from now on….

    @Kairu Ishimaru: It’s only going to get more dramatic 😀

  4. I love reading Vampire Knight. I love all Anime I think that yuki should so marry Zero or maybe Kaname but i think zero is cute.

  5. @Bella: I never really considered marriage when it comes to Vampire Knight, but I so believe that Zero should end up with Yuki as well 🙂


  7. Shiki I love very much and while I would kiss up to the end of the world. I also like but I like Zero Shiki

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