Posted by: lostty | October 22, 2008

Clannad -After Story- episode 3

The story continues with laughs, but starts to take a more serious turn!

Another post for today as well, I’m really on a roll! Though, no new post for tomorrow, that’s for sure. Anyway, another amazing episode brought to you by Clannad! The series can make you laugh out loud one minute and practically cry the next! Though, the transition of moods never seems unnatural and for the most part I would consider it very realistic. The episode continued on about Youhei, which would make you expect many laughs, which we did get, but we also learn a more depressing side about him. Basically, it dealt with the fact that he’s a pretty lonely guy and he doesn’t have much going for him anymore. So, as his date with Sanae continued, Mai kept on thinking that she felt like she’s seen Sanae before, but Tomoya and Nagisa assured her the opposite. We also learn that Youhei doesn’t know much about dating because the location he brings her to, isn’t really anything close to a dream date. At one point as Youhei wanted to bring Sanae star gazing, they saw a whole bunch of kids fighting, Youhei told her to ignore it and soon enough the older brother did in fact come to defend his sister, but the little sister and brother were in fact lost.

Youhei didn’t particularly want to help them anyway, but he went along with it and his dislike to the whole idea from the beginning really affected Mai as she watched. The two kids were both really cute, but naturally that wasn’t her reason for being surprised, it was because when she was a child (an adorably cute child) and she was bullied, Youhei would come to help her every time. She eventually caught on that Sanae was evidently not his girlfriend, but she only revealed her realization to everyone but Youhei. The next day at school, we get to see Tomoya looking so hot with his earphones on, but because he was listening and humming to Dango song, it kind of lost some manliness to it… Anyway, Youhei was completely ecstatic about Sanae, who he still believed to be Nagisa’s sister instead of mother.

It was so awkward when he told Tomoya that if he were to marry Sanae and Tomoya married Nagisa they would be brothers-in-law, but evidently that wouldn’t be the case. It was still absolutely hilarious! Youhei was discussing some jobs he always wanted to be, which was also very comical. Later in the week, when Sanae and Youhei were going to go on their second pretend date, Mai pretended that she had a boyfriend that she never mentioned before. In this scene, we get to see Tomoya in another super sexy moment because those pants just made him look so sexy, with the belt hanging to the side. Anyway, since Mai didn’t really want to follow Youhei around again, Tomoya suggested that he treated her to a day on the town (that expression really doesn’t work both ways). This of course follows with some laughs such as the moments where Mai starts calling Tomoya brother to food named Princess Crepes. I have mentioned this before last season that I find Mai and Tomoya actually make good siblings, but that’s pretty much only determined form looking at their hair colour stupid enough.

After a long day Tomoya had to spend with Mai, Youhei comes along finding the two together. Tomoya lied pretending that Mai is actually his girlfriend, he told Youhei that he broke up with Nagisa to be with Mai. As much as it seems funny that Youhei actually believed such a ridiculous story, it just felt depressing because after Youhei seemed seriously pissed off and upset. The episode ends on a more sad note, where Mai says the only way she can feel she has he brother back is if he tries to play soccer again, which he was so very good at when he was younger. Clannad -After Story- has truly proven itself to be an amazing second season and unlike many sequels, both are very relevant to each other. The whole story about Youhei being a “soccer star” isn’t something that comes out of nowhere, I remember in the first season he mentioned it more than once at least, although I don’t recall all the story that is found behind it. Another thing that many others have noticed as well was that Mai suddenly became so cute! I always felt that this episode had a very well written script. Everything flowed and turned out to be something very serious by the end. The preview for the next episode seems to continue Youhei’s arc and the thing I’m looking forward to seeing most is the possible fight between Youhei and Tomoya.



  1. Ah..your Clannad post is finally up!

    I’ve always been wondering how something as innocent as Onii-chan/ Onee-san…can turn into something so perverted. It never ceases to amaze me how calling someone your sister/brother can turn people

    But yes, speaking of which, I was dying of laughter when Mei called Tomoya Onii-chan…right in front of Ryou, Kyou, and Kotomi. 😛

  2. @7: I have to agree with you on that. In our generation, it seems everything can be misinterpreted in inappropriate ways X) That scene truly was hilarious!

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