Posted by: lostty | October 21, 2008

Skip Beat episode 2

It seems many people are already blogging Skip Beat, but I had to join the bunch as well because I would always regret missing the chance if I didn’t. I have starting reading the manga since the summer and I instantly fell in love with it after the second chapter. I say that only because I felt that the first two chapters were a bit boring. Anyway, so far I find that the anime has made a pretty good transition form the manga and the characters were all captured in their essence quite well. The animation isn’t anything amazing though, which disappoints me because you would expect if the manga series was so good, they would have given them a higher budget, but evidently, that doesn’t seem to be the case. Though, the art style did start to grow on me, but just as I felt that way, I saw Ren. Words cannot explain how disappointing they made his character designs, he almost looks ugly! Of course, that’s too strong a word no matter how you look at it, but there is still a lot to be desired. At least, his personality seems to be the same. I do think that Shotaru’s character was somehow well done because not only are the voice and the character design done well, but his personality is perfect! Though somehow, he seems even more self centered than I remembered…

Also, besides Ren, we also get introduced to the characters such as Moko, Maria and Lory. Basically, almost all of the characters have come into play, which means the “real” story can finally begin! SO, what happens in this episode is that Kyoko leaves to go find a job to make it to stardom as she told Shotaru she would. Though, when she made her first attempt at LME, she was rejected only because she couldn’t even come up with an answer in where she wanted to work in. Though, that wasn’t enough to make her give up because afterward, she started to stalk the poor guy, who is named Takenori. When Kyoko is persistent, nothing stands in her way! Her constant plea to be part of the LME is really kind of humorous of course, but also just creepy as she gradually stalks him even at his home both night and day. Naturally, Takenori soon falls under the pressure and gives her an audition paper. As the audition day arrives, she realizes that against everyone else who are beautiful and talented, she doesn’t stand much of a chance, but even that doesn’t bring her down completely! We end the episode right before she performs her special talent!

I find it so unnatural how Kyoko so easily encounters famous people such as Ren, in such a large building. In most places, it isn’t nearly as easy to see someone so famous anywhere! Also, when Kyoko bumped into Ren for the second time, I felt that the height difference was too much. I understand that Ren is basically larger than life when it comes to his height, but Kyoko isn’t as short as they made her look! Anyway, I felt this was an amusing episode that was very enjoyable in the end. I think it is safe to say that the series is starting off on a good foot. Honestly, I’m most excited for the plot to start actually advancing more through the events of the story because I always felt like the first few chapters felt more like an introduction and as I mentioned at the beginning, are more boring than the rest of the series. I’m going to assume (and hope!) that this series will length out to 26 episodes, but I’m thinking that it will probably go through the same process as Vampire Knight, which was spread out into two separate seasons in the course of a short while. Next episode is probably going to be more about the auditions and I’m guessing it will end with the introduction to the “Love Me” section, which should be exciting!



  1. Shoujo anime almost never gets a decent budget and normally it’s not even that noticeable because things are focused on stuff like character design, but because so much humor and stuff in Skip Beat! is action-oriented somehow…it’s really noticeable. I’ve kind of gotten used to it now though, but it’s still disappointing.

    Hmm, I actually kind of like it if they did it the same way as Vampire Knight. Then they could keep on adding on 13 episodes and cover a lot more of the manga. All the way through the Dark Moon arc! Woo!

  2. I really liked Skip Beat, even though I have not read manga, due to Kyoko’s personality 🙂

    Yes, some things were unrealistic, but overall message about persistence is valid. 🙂

  3. I can only hope the Dark Moon arc will be covered by the anime, that’s a MUST! It’d be great if they can extend the series, like FuyuMaiden said, but sigh… I can only wish Skip Beat is more popular than the TV ratings make it seem 😦

    Anyways, there’s no problem in covering a show that’s already being given much love in the ‘sphere, that’ll make the show have a higher “reach”, especially if all of us give it love and convince more people to watch it 😛

  4. @FuyuMaiden: It’s a disappointing fact about Shojou animes it seems… I actually see what you mean when you refer to Skip Beat as a type of action thingy. I really think they will go all Vampire Knight episode season on us, which has advantages…

    @Kitsune: Persistence may be an understatement X) You should try the manga, I’m not sure if it’s really to your liking, but you would at least enjoy it on some level.

    @usagijen: Thanks for not only some truthful words, but comforting ones as well. There is a lot in the manga I want them to cover for sure, but naturally the Dark Moon arc is really on top of my list.

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