Posted by: lostty | October 17, 2008

Hidamari Sketch x365 episodes 9 + 10

I was debating whether to watch this raw a while ago, but I decided not to because I suck at understand most words in Japanese and for a series that relies mostly on dialogue, it makes it difficult. So, after a long hiatus, it kind of was hard to get back into the Hidamari mood, but the first half of episode 9 being all about Yoshinoya did remind me to why this series is truly awesome! The first half of the episode was just done so well and the narrator in the background made it even more hilarious. The purpose of the first half was that Yoshinoya didn’t want to do he work because she wanted to make her mid-summer greeting cards, but Principal was very persistent in trying to make her get the work done.

It’s really funny to see the things Yoshinoya does in her spare time, I swear it can almost be a whole memoir! In the end, the Principal does convince her to the work and he persuades her a bit saying they’ll light fireworks together afterward. I love the sweet message at the end, which is said that Yoshinoya really cares about her students. Though, the work never really ends for Yoshinoya because by the next day, she has to work on her late-summer greeting cards! The second half of the episode was much like most where we have a lot of food and talking, Yuno and her friends get tickets to see a film, which inspires them to work on their own projects and they have a lot of fun. In all, it was very fun and cute, but of course after the first half, it had a lot to compete with. Yoshinoya truly is that great a character! Overall, I really enjoyed the episode and it makes me just want to watch more and more of Hidamari Sketch, this series really rocks!

Episode 10 was almost as awesome as teh last one. A series like Hidamari Sketch, always intrigues me because the concept may not have much to it, but it always seems so entertaining. For example, the first half of this episode was about Yuo and Miyako recreating their shoes for an art project. At first glance, any normal person would think this would be a boring subject, but in the end in turned out to be one of my favourite scenes. Although, I guess it can be said that many people would be bored by this series, my statement is biased in the sense that I like the slice of life genre, but for others they hate it! Anyway, my favourite moments form the first half was when Yuno had abnormally small feet; it was just so cute! Also, since Miyako’s idea of using ice skates failed, a guy from her glass let her borrow his shoes for the project. After it was all done, “her” fake shoes really looked like the real thing.

So, she decided to put the both her own shoes and the ones she replicated from the guy’s shoes on her doorstep and when Sae came to visit, the only thing she saw were Miyako’s shoes and the replicated guy’s shoes. You can imagine the idea she guessed to what was going on in Miyako’s apartment; it was so hilarious. In the second half, Yuno’s parents came to visit, my favourite scene in this half, once again revolved around Miyako. It was simple, but very funny, when Miyako saw Yuno’s parents for the first time, all she was able to think about was that they didn’t have X’s in their hair. Once again, this series continues to entertain me, the preview for the next episode seems very intriguing, I can’t wait to see what it’s actually all about.



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  2. series that relies mostly on dialogue

    This is a very visual series to me, as you can see from my extensive photoessays 🙂

    Indeed, Yoshinoya is a great character than bring a lively atmosphere to the series 🙂

    To me, the series is not boring at all! I love the style and the directorial work of Akiyuki Shinbo 🙂 Moreover, this series is about art students, which is always a plus 🙂

    Yes, those shoe scenes were fun 🙂

    I took a break from the series as well, but I am back now and recently posted episode 11 and 12, so only one episode left for me 🙂

  3. @Kitsune: Well, when I said that this series relies mostly on dialogue, I’m mostly just judging it on other series that are of the “action” genre where there isn’t really much plot at all. Hidamari actually goes somewhere in its episodes.
    I just finished viewing your two posts before, it seems we both decided to pick up the series at the same time X) I’m exciting to see your series finale post!

  4. Indeed, some action shows have very poor plots.

    Yes, it looks like we picked it up at the same time 🙂

    The finale and a very brief review is posted now 😀

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