Posted by: lostty | October 15, 2008

Vampire Knight -Guilty-, Skip Beat and Chaos;Head ~First Impressions~

I’m starting to wonder whether I’m watching too many series this season!

Vampire Knight Guilty

Vampire Knight is already back for another round! There is absolutely no change since the first season, all we get is a whole bunch of vampire angst! We have a new opening and ending, but they are both by the same artists as before. Though, I didn’t find the songs that bad, but “Suna no Oshiro” isn’t nearly as good as “Still Doll”. The series is now everywhere in the manga, there is absolutely no order anymore and I think this episode alone probably touched at least three chapter alone. Kaname was particularly annoying in this episode, but I think it’s because I haven’t got back in the mood of all the characters yet. Shiki was just as I remembered, which is almost perfect (no biased statement there….) In all, there wasn’t anything new brought to the series and I will only be expecting what I got from the first season, which was disappointment. I’m exaggerating a bit I know, but even if there were some interesting scenes, their still was many bad ones. As a positive, it seemed the animation did get a little better from the end of the last season. Nonetheless, I will be blogging this series because writing reviews for Vampire Knight is always one of the most fun! I can’t wait to see what other favourite scenes of mine will be ruined!

Skip Beat

I’m glad to see Skip Beat has finally been animated! Also, much to my surprise, it was actually pretty entertaining. The animation wasn’t as good as I would like, but I hope it will get better over time or we will at least be able to adapt easily to it. The part that was most enjoyable in the episode was that many of the scenes weren’t from the manga. Unlike in many other series originating form mangas, Skip Beat was able to change itself up a bit, but the main scenes that were important were all still present. This series has a lot of potential, but after seeing Vampire knight, I’m not going to keep my expectations too high.


There seemed to be a lot of people who were looking forward to this series, as for me it wasn’t really something I particularly cared about. Though, sometimes that can be in my favour because the series didn’t seem that bad to me, even if there was a lot not to like. The main character is an interesting guy who doesn’t really give off the impression that he would play an important role, but I think he will most likely have a bloody future to come. Considering this series is trying to have the whole insane school-girl vibe, the one thing I find they failed to accomplish was the “insane laughter”. It just doesn’t seem crazy enough! I’ll continue watching this series, but even though I might have enjoyed the first episode, my expectations for the series still hasn’t changed.



  1. I watched first episode of Chaos Head and two episodes of Skip Beat. I have not read Skip Beat manga, but I liked the anime. Kyoko has such a strong will and enthusiasm! 🙂

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  3. omfg vampire knight guilty is toto amazing luffin it canni wait untill sme wan up loads da full series ZERO IS HAWT !!!

  4. @vicki: That’s great, but the series is still airing in Japan, so it’ll be a while before someone else uploads the full series. I still prefer Shiki over Zero, but just my preference

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