Posted by: lostty | October 13, 2008

Clannad -After Story- episode 2

This episode really wasn’t anything short from awesome!

Well, naturally I had to blog this because I already blogged the first season and I would feel incomplete if I didn’t do the same for the second. Though, I also just love this series, so I’m happy either way! This episode was basically dedicated completely to Youhei, which makes it an automatic win, but the episode started off a bit differently, which was back to the Illusion world. It’s good to see the robot back for another round, even if I don’t understand it one bit. Anyway, this time we seem some new things come into play in the world, which were sheep! That were gloriously fluffy and abnormally cute! I can see how there is a symbolism in this all, but as I just mentioned, it doesn’t mean a thing for me. So, the purpose was that Youhei’s sister Mei, wasn’t planning on leaving until she knew that her brother would be able to make something out of his life. The manipulative and gorgeous Tomoya, came to the idea that if Youhei were to get a girlfriend, his sister would be happy about it and would think of him as normal.

The problem though, is actually getting a girl and considering they were all realistic, they decided that they’ll ask people to just be a fake girlfriend for the time. Though, even that became a challenge! Stupid enough, he asked Ryou first, who didn’t accept the offer and actually started to cry. Now that’s pretty embarrassing for Youhei because it just shows how much nobody would want to be with him. At the scene of Ryou’s crying, brought Kyou who of course was severely upset over the whole thing, but ignorant Youhei decided to ask her too. I think we can all guess what the response was. The train wreck only continued from there, as he asked Tomoyo and even random strangers. Sanae and Kotomi were the only ones to actually agree to it all, but after Kotomi decided to try playing her violin in front of Youhei, Sanae turned into their only hope.

She was actually very excited about it and it was really cute to see her trying on all the different outfits! In the end, she really did look different. In this scene, Nagisa also looked great with her hair completely out of her face because it was pulled back with a clip, it looked adorable. On the day that Mai decided she would see Youhei’s girlfriend, everyone turned out surprised when they saw Sanae. Even Tomoya was blushing, which is sad because he should be blushing over Nagisa, but whatever. The episode ended at that and basically we can expect for the next episode to see if Mai will actually fall for this trap. This was such a hilarious episode! There is no other word to describe except pure awesomeness (and that word is only used for very few things in my world). The time literally seemed to have flew by while I was watching this. Honestly, with some series I can get distracted and take way longer than 20 minutes to watch one episode, but with this series, I always end up devoting my complete attention towards it. In general, there wasn’t much point to this epsiode, but it still was so entertaining. I’m so glad to have Clannad back!

This whole episode was basically about making fun of Youhei, so I decided that since one screenshot couldn’t possibly suffice all his amazing moments, I would make a montage! I hope you enjoy the images of some of his greatest moments!



  1. Expect Sunohara getting a beating from Akio when he finds out about Sanae chan. Can’t wait till the next episode…I’m loling already.. šŸ™‚

  2. @7: You can always expect the laughs when it comes to Clannad! I’m impatiently awaiting the episode as well!

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