Posted by: lostty | October 6, 2008

Natsume Yuujinchou episode 13 + Final Impression

Once again, sorry for the late post, I really got too distracted by the new animes that were coming out last week. Anyway, so the final episode has finally arrived, well at least the final episode for now. At the beginning of the episode, Natsume and Nyanko get separated from one another. Nyanko then notices Tanuma (sexy haired boy) and then starts speaking to him normally, although Nyanko didn’t realize that Natsume never told him that Nyanko was really a spirit, so evidently this came as a surprise. After Natsume found Nyanko, Tanuma kind of ended up caught up in the rest of the episode. The Fall festival would soon be arriving and Festivals like these are when lots of spirits come to enjoy themselves as well. This is when we get to see all the reoccurring spirits form passed episodes… One character, I was particularly happy to see was the fox again, who is just too cute! I found it interesting how the fox looked just normal to the average human when in reality, he looked adorable in his “spirit” form. He was evidently looking around for Natsume, we also got to see the exorcist guy who I think was named Natori and his new bodyguard spirit from that episode.

One of the people who works at the Fall festival is Sasada, who when she noticed Natsume, she wanted to talk to him and such, but he quickly left without notice only to leave Nyanko behind once again. When Sasada noticed Nyanko, she took this as an opportunity to tie Nyanko up to get Natsume back. Though, before she actually got a chance to “lure” Natsume to her, the young girl from the last episode who was stuck in a hole with Nyanko, untied him. The fox was also looking for his wallet that has “medicine” to turn him human for a while with the help of Natori’s bodyguard. It basically turned out very chaotic. Also, the spirit woman from the last episode made an appearance, but she didn’t really do anything besides steal food from other people. The fox used his “medicine’ and transformed into a human for Natsume, which was obviously too cute. The rest of the night both of them and Tanuma all hanged out together. We end the episode with Natsume in his nicest guy in the world mode and it turned out quite heartwarming.

I’ve mentioned very frequently, that I expected it to end like this, but much of the episode still ended up as a surprise. Even if it wasn’t, I’m sure I would have enjoyed it the same. It was really quite the treat to see all the characters again. Technically, this episode could be considered a filler, but when it comes to a final episode it can be considered appropriate. In general, I really enjoyed the episode, it reminded me of so many moments that I loved from the series and it left me with a good final impression.

Final Impression

Ever since the first episode, I knew this series was something different. It continued to impress me ever since then! The characters are definitely one of the best casts out there, the personalities all just range by so much. You have the kind and sensitive Natsume and the cold and sarcastic Nyanko, put them together and you get something great! Both the music and art were very good, even if they may not have been the best out there. One of the things I remember most from this series is how it always manages to make you feel good in the end. I honestly, can’t think of a single episode that really left me disappointed. I would really recommend this to anyone because it is a series that I believe most people can enjoy on some level. As I’ve mentioned countless times since I started watching this, I really love it and I’m so glad that the second season is on its way! I’m already so excited!


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