Posted by: lostty | September 30, 2008

Natsume Yuujinchou episode 12

My weeks are becoming more and more busy with school related things, but I’m still trying to keep up this blog and my anime viewing. I plan on blogging a lot this fall season, so I hope that ends up working out, I also think it is safe to say that my work load will probably be a bit less for the next week after tomorrow, so it’s not that bad… Well, here’s another late Natsume Yuujinchou post that will be summed up quite a lot. Anyway, the point of this episode was that Natsume came across this really evil spirit who was even eating other spirits, it looked very disturbing simply put. When the evil spirit thing saw him he hit Natsume with a wip, which left a mark on his arm that continued to grow as the time went by. After Nyanko made a very lame attempt at trying to see what was wrong with Natsume, he got all electrocuted after touching the mark and afterward, had weird fluctuation in his growth by becoming abnormally small to enormously huge. Personally, I think Nyanko looked adorable when he was shrunk! Even his voice was changed to something more high pitched, it just worked so well! Since Nyanko was in bad condition, he suggested that he should get a new bodyguard for the time being, which leads Natsume to call on spirits from his book of friends.

He called upon Misuzu who accepted the offer and told him to call his name if he needed and some girl who was quite comical who explained to Natsume a bit about the curse. The curse is really evil and is known as the five days mark because you only live for five more days, which makes sense with the name and all. As Natsume walks home he sees a really strange dark figure, that had no features and was basically just a silhouette. It actually creeped me out a bit! As the days go by and his curse grows, this dark figure also comes closer to his house everyday, Nyanko told him that if it were to touch him, he would immediately die. By now, Natsume decides it would be best to just leave the house completely for his own safety and his guardians. It was almost tear-jerking when Natsume finally admits that he considers them his family!The woman spirit comes back and explains to him how he should try to summon a Shiki, so she gives him a scroll to use when the dark figure comes back. It was absolutely terrifying when that thing did come back, with its mouth all open and ready to eat Natsume. Though, we finally got to see Natsume in action, which was just absolutely awesome! I think that scene definitely made my list of best moments in this series for sure! His Shiki ends up being very small, but it had a huge power that beat up the evil spirit thing with shiny lights. Everything gets back to normal, but we do receive some horrible information about Misuzu that would annoy anyone…

This episode was amazing! The story was just so unique and everything flowed so well. It also had a very creepy element to it, which was interesting. I was also glad that we finally got to see a true evil spirit, although I didn’t expect it to be as scary as the one in this episode was. Nyanko also looked adorable when he was switched miniature size. This series continues to impress me and I love how from what I can tell, there hasn’t even been a weak point yet. There were a few episodes that weren’t as good as the previous, but they always picked up by the coming week. I’m so glad this series got to have its second season because with a first season like this, the second season is bound to be awesome! The preview seems to prove my theory on how we’re going to get an ending like in XXXholic Kei because while watching the preview, I noticed a lot of familiar characters, but you can never be too sure. Anyway, I’m still so excited for the final episode!


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