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Code Geass – Hangyaku no Lelouch R2 episode 25 + Series Review

Well, I can’t warn you enough, this post will be filled with spoilers! Anyway, as a start point, I thought this episode was truly epic! I’m sure some people are bound to complain about it, but I myself really enjoyed the whole thing.

Here’s some minor points that I thought about the finale:

I do admit that this episode once again surpasses the boundaries of death itself because not only is Cornelia still alive, but Suzaku lived too. I’m starting to ask myself what can’t Cornelia live through? She was shot more than 5 times repeatedly and was still able to live! While Suzaku got blown up and still managed to tell the tale! The fight between Kallen and Suzaku was also pretty awesome, but I almost wish it could have lasted longer and the outcome was pretty lame because when you think both will die, both end up living.

Lelouch was the only one to really die in the end, although I’m pretty sure we all did expect it. Though, I was glad that unlike in Death Note (I just had to bring up the stupid comparison), Lelouch’s death wasn’t in vain. Instead Lelouch died for the greater good and on purpose. Still pretty tragic, but as the Evangelion movie tag line has taught us all, the fate of destruction is also the joy of rebirth. Suzaku and Lelouch stayed friends in the end, which was also a sweet sort of addition. Also, by the end of the series, Suzaku was a character that just stopped annoying me, which was something I didn’t expect to ever happen…

To all those who were upset over the outcome of everything, then you should just blame Nina, if it wasn’t for her, everything involving the FLEIA wouldn’t have even happened, which as we know it is a lot of the series. Nunally only really loved her brother again when he was dead, which bothered me. Before everything happened, she even called him the devil himself as he just left her there and later on she gets put in shackles on her way to her death bed, but she still forgives her brother anyway. Yet, I guess the point was that she finally realized what Lelouch’s real intentions were. Though, after she morns for a while, she just moves on to hanging out with Suzaku for the rest of her life.

The epilogue was a nice added touch and it really showed how C.C and Kallen really did love Lelouch, but it also summed up the events that happened afterward very well. I loved the pun how Jeremiah (past name Orange) was picking oranges off trees, it amused me far beyond a point that it should have.

Series Review

True enough, the sequel to Code Geass meets no boundaries that the first season did, but it still managed to do what it did best, which was entertain. It was one of the things I looked forward to the most in my week and just as I wanted, each week it did deliver the story we’ve grown so found to and bombarded us with the plot twists we humbly adored. I loved being able to talk about the newest episode with anyone who saw it and I’m sure many did to. Yes it is overrated, but we all know it and accept it already. This is really going to be a series I’m able to look back and remember mainly the positive things. I am going to without a doubt re-watch this series a lot, especially when I finally own all the DVDs. Though, if each 2 volume package is only going to come out every 4 months, then it’s going to be 2 years until I have them all, which is just upsetting to think about! Though, when it comes to a series like this, being able to marathon it is the best way to go! Code Geass is a rare gem that comes along and it will probably be a long time before we see something like it again. I’m really going to miss having a show to obsess over, but it was a lot of fun while it lasted. This series had some of the best characters out there, we were able to always see a development along the way and the characters also stuck to certain principles that made them distinct. The character designs themselves weren’t anything amazing, I can think of a few particular outfits that were very ugly. The quality of animation for this season, had times where it wasn’t at its best, but for the most part, it was pretty well done. To anyone who hasn’t seen this series, I would recommend it right away. In all, it was a series that truly managed to entertain their audience and I’m sure this anime is going to be something that is remembered for a long time.



  1. I really liked the finale. It was just corny enough without too egregious a deus ex machina ending. Lelouch as Jesus Christ, dying for our sins. Who would’ve thought? I’m a little annoyed at the very last scene, though, hinting that Lelouch had become immortal like C.C. It would’ve been more poignant leaving his death as 100% absolute.

  2. Code Geass really is something that should be marathoned. That’s how I watched season one and I didn’t catch any of the things people got to complain about. I can imagine it’s the same for this season. You’d wait a whole week for an episode and then get ticked off because it’s not worth the wait or something. Marathoning is better.

    But I’m satisfied with this ending too. I think it’s fine if Lelouch died since he was able to redeem himself and I don’t have a problem with Nunally calling her brother a devil either (before she forgave him) because it means she finally developed some sort of personality.

    Anyway…it still won’t be over for me until I get all the DVDs since I avoid watching the picture dramas until then. So something seems new.

  3. More like R2 surpassed season 1’s boundaries. It was wacky as can be. At least they didn’t downcast Lulu as a bad guy in the end… at least not really.

  4. @Tai Nguyen: I see your point, but I felt it gave a cute touch anyway. Though, nobody on Code Geass ever really dies! X)

    @FuyuMaiden: I marathoned the first season as well! Also, I’m doing the same thing with the picture dramas, just as you mentioned it gives me something new to look forward to. Besides this epsiode, I guess it’s true that Nunally really never had any character before this episode, but even after it all, she never really developed much at all.

    @Nagato: I guess that does make sense, if you mean how season 2 explored its ideas… I really would have been disappointed if Lelouch was depicted as the bad guy at the end, but luckily it didn’t turn out that way. 😀

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  6. I wished Suzaku had died too. He’s too fugly for this world.

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