Posted by: lostty | September 27, 2008

Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu episode 11

I was meant to write this up yesterday, but I was so tired! I fell asleep so early, it was probably the earliest I went to bed in the past three months, but now I feel happy and well…awake. Anyway, so I’ll try to sum up this episode as best as I can because I realize that the final episode is already out and I would like to get that post done soon as well. So, Haruka’s birthday is coming up and Yuuto realizes how he’ll need to get her a present. Yuuto headed off  to Akihabara where with the help of his friend was able to get her a figure from her favourite anime. Nobunaga and he were also remembering of what Yuuto first thought of  Akihabara when he came for the first time, which was that he absolutely hated. Though, Nobunaga also brought up how Yuuto gave away one of the things that he had bought, which was the first issue of Innocent Smile, which brought us to the obligatory flashback scenes of Yuuto giving it to a young who was obviously Haruka. As Yuuto leaves he basically gets “abducted” by Haruka’s maids who were bringing him to Happy Spring Island where Haruka’s birthday was to take place. When they get there, he learns a bit more about the area from Mika and also finds out how a bunch of rich people with giant present are also arriving. Naturally he becomes worried over his gift and whether she’d really like it since she would be surrounded by tons of other great stuff.

He gets told that he should just wait at the beach until Haruka and the rest came along, but during his wait he met an old ugly man who had an annoying and a very suspicious attitude who was looking for a hook that fell in the sand. Yuuto helps out of course, but this ends up being the last we see of him in this episode, I’m guessing he’ll probably some sort of role to the finale only because it would be completely pointless if he didn’t. Sadly, the stupidest of the moments arrived after this where all the characters ended up in there bathing suits. Yuuto had to hold on to his nose to stop a nosebleed from coming, but when Haruka came along, I guess you can say it was an overload. This officially ruined the episode and really tainted my view on what happened next it was just so stupid. That wasn’t the worst of it, we also had to endure the same incident that happened before where Mika’s top fell off in front of Yuuto. It was bad the first time and even lamer the second time. At least we got to see Yuuto without his glasses… The scene doesn’t get much better because afterward by accident Haruka goes a bit too far off in the water and almost drowns and when they brought her back to the beach she seemed alright, but everyone still tricked Yuuto into thinking she would need CPR so they could see him kiss her. Of course we don’t even get the satisfaction of a kiss because when his lips reach hers, she becomes conscious again and they start blushing.

Later on that night, a whole bunch of rich snobs make remarks about Yuuto and about how improper he is. He worries more over his present even though he should know that it’s the thought that counts, which is obviously how it’ll turn out in the end. The ending leaves us a bit on a cliffhanger just to point out that this is only part 1 and the ending is soon to follow. I hate these types of episodes, this series really doesn’t have much rooting for it anymore. This was a stupid episode that really only served for more fanservice and build up. Also, something that I’ve noticed in this series for awhile now is that the animators use really big sweat drops. Naturally, any anime has “big” sweat drops, but these are beyond abnormally unproportional they fill up almost have the characters face! Am I the only one who notices this? I was also a bit puzzled by the beginning when she was talking about the anime she saw last night and then it seemed like a whole bunch of staring eyes were watching her and Yuuto told her not to continue. Was this because people don’t know she really liked anime or was it because she was giving away the ending, it just seemed to not make sense either way. So, the next episode is already the last, it will be pretty hard for this series to redeem itself, but I will have to wait and see.


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