Posted by: lostty | September 24, 2008

Natsume Yuujinchou episode 11

Sorry, for this long delayed post, but it’s finally here! Once again, I plan on making this post a lot shorter than usual, only because I can dwell on past episodes for too long… Anyway, this episode, was as expected, focused all on Nyanko. It all started off with Nyanko getting his own epic fail moment trying to catch birds and just falling on the ground only to catch absolutely nothing. He then falls in a hole where he meets a girl who also happened to be stuck, though when she first saw him she believed he was a pig and as we all know, Nyanko took great offense to. His ego is absolutely hilarious and this episode really plays on that fact. What happened in this episode was that Natsume got in a fight with Nyanko after Natsume realized that not only did Nyanko eat all the fresh shrimp in the fridge and he also broke the CD Natsume borrowed from his friend. Natsume upset was awesome to see, only because it’s something so uncommon. This drew a line and evidently, got Natsume so pissed that he told Nyanko to leave. The rest of the episode, Nyanko without any free food tries to mooch it off other people. He puts Natsume’s friends in quite a predicament making them spend all their money on him because he transforms into that girl that he turned into once before in episode four. After a while, Natsume realizes how Nyanko actually had an impact on their family, such as when his guardians were wondering where Nyanko went and they were recalling moments they had spent with him (as a cat type of relationship of course!).

During this moment a strange spirit came up to Nyanko asking if it was true that he wasn’t Natsume’s guard anymore and when Nyanko confirmed the fact, the spirit said that he would then just go and steal the book of friends. Nyanko, realizing that he still wanted to defend Natsume, then transformed himself into his true form and became all fierce and was able to ward off the spirit. Though, when Nyanko decided it was time to go back home, he saw Natsume with another cat, which is of course the ultimate insult! Before Nyanko could even hear the explanation he was gone in the forest to drink alcohol for the rest of the night. The only reason why Natsume was hanging out with a non-talking cat was because his guardian had to take care of it for the weekend and Natsume took initiative in taking care of it. Nyanko never learned this part of the story and instead drank away the night, only to wake obviously up to hangover, which brings us back to the beginning of the episode. Through his dazed state he fell into a hole and ended up back where he was unable to get out with a panicked little girl right beside him. Natsume starting to get worried about not seeing Natsume, actually goes to look for him. Natsume is definitely the nicest guy ever, but Nyanko wasn’t bad either he changed into his “true” form as the girl was sleeping and brought them both back to safety. We end the episode with both Natsume and Nyanko reuniting in joy!

This was a great episode once again, of course an episode all about Nyanko is an automatic win though! Of course, the story overall didn’t have much to do with the plot, but it doesn’t matter because it was just sheer entertainment! The episode accomplished just was it wanted, which was to amuse its audience. I got myself laughing a lot in it! One my favourite moments were when the little girl heard a story that if a bunny gets hit by rain it dies, so as Nyanko and her with both sitting in the hole, she started to panic when it began to rain only because she wasn’t sure if the rule applied to cats as well! I can’t help but wonder why Natsume would have borrowed that CD to begin with, somehow it just didn’t seem like his taste in music! He also once again shows off how nice he is by actually buying his friend a new one since Nyanko broke it. Nyanko getting upset over everyone constantly insulting him was also very comical. This episode was without a doubt one of my favourites, but I’m now excited to get back to the old dramatic episodes! The preview seems to show that Natsume is going to somehow contract a curse that will cause his life to only last for five more days, so I’m sure that is bound to be interesting!



  1. It was a funny episode, although it was really filler (but very entertaining filler!). We got a bit of insight into Nyanko’s personality and possible reasons for hanging around with Natsume though, which kept my interest in this one. I guess it’s also a bit of light relief from the ‘serious’ episodes. Comic Nyanko FTW!

  2. @concretebadger: As much as it was a filler, I was glad that this series was able to pull one off well. I’m sure we can both agree that we’ve seen some series with terrible fillers! I also have to agree with Comic Nyanko!!!

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