Posted by: lostty | September 3, 2008

Hidamari Sketch x 365 episode 8

I felt really hyper while watching this episode, I was just so excited to see some more Hidamari Sketch and of course I wasn’t disappointed at all! This was once again a great episode that focused around the fact that it was the school’s field day! Actually, when I was in elementary school, I had a field day as well, though they were crappy and nobody liked them. Basically, all we really did was borrow another school’s field and do a lot of boring activities. Considering it wasn’t even are school grounds, when the other school had recess and such, they would throw books and toilet paper through the window at us, which is sadly, most likely the most eventful part of the day. Luckily, Hidamari Sketch manages to make its own field day very entertaining, although I wasn’t expecting anything less of course! We start off the episode with a creepy image of seen the Principal in a gym outfit. Seeing him in shorts and a t-shirt is just plain disturbing! Before the day began, Sae met Natsume, who thought that the field day would be a perfect opportunity to show off her skills and beat Sae,  so the battle began! Sae is on the red team with all the usual and the Natsume is on the white team. The way Yoshinoya decided to participate in this all for starts, was to show off her cheer-leading skills! There is not enough words in this world to possibly describe how awesome she is!

Anyway, the first competition is a scavenger race, where Yuno needed to find a dog. It was hilarious that when someone did give her there dog, she thought it was so cute and started petting it instead.When Miya had her turn at trying for one of the competition, she was in first place before she mistook the finishing line for a limbo stick and started walking under it. When the day was reaching midway, the score was that the white team was leading the red team. So, the episode took a break from all the “excitement”, to have everyone eating some food, as per usual. When the competition started up again, we find out that Hiro is quite the competitor, she ended up winning all her games. Through that, the red team becomes very close in points to the white team and with one more competition, the score can be settled. The last competition is a relay race and Yuno was chosen to be the anchor, which means that she is the last one to get the baton and run for the finishing line. Sea was nice saying that she would try to give her a good lead, so that it wouldn’t be too hard. As the series has been progressing, I’m starting to like Sae’s character more and more. She seems very nice and in general, just a good friend. I was actually surprised that Sea was good at running, I though the whole gag would be that she was very bad and would fail for Yuno, but she ended up leaving Yuno off with quite a lead. When it was Yuno’s turn, I swear I was cheering for her so much! I couldn’t contain myself, I just wanted her to win so much! When she won I was able to catch my breath again; I was so happy for her! It was funny how she didn’t know where to end and in a trance, just kept on running past the finishing line! It was a bit disappointing when you found out that even though they beat the white team, they still didn’t win the whole competition. It was so deceiving how all of a sudden they mentioned how the blue team won and all I could think about was, “When was a blue team ever mentioned?” Though, they still beat Natsume, which is good enough for them I guess. They close off the day with Yoshinoya making everyone on the red team sing, which was apparently very embarrassing. You were able to hear people who walked by asking if it was some form of torture; all I was thinking about was that Yoshinoya rocks!

The second half is back to talking once again about food, which is what the conversations always lead to for the second half of the epsiode. They were also recalling moments of the field day. It surprised me a little that the first two halves were actually in sync and went with one another because they usually involve two different stories almost. They were all eating chocolate to give them some energy from the long field day they just had. It almost bothered me though, how the way they were talking about the field day was as if they won, I guess they must have really cared about winning against Natsume or they might have great sportsmanship. As they were remembering some of there favourite moments of the day, it was hilarious to hear that Yuno didn’t only get distracted by the cute dog once, but twice! I don’t really blame her though, it was a very cute dog. During another competition, with Yoshinoya and the Principal, Yoshinoya had a pitiful defeat, which is of course sad to hear. Natsume was obviously very angry at the end of the day when she found out she lost, but nobody really paid much attention to that. I’m not sure if it was just me, but it seemed like this episode had music that seemed more different than usual. It’s a good thing if it was, the reason why I thought about the music was because it seemed unusually good.

We then had some more talk of food, until they decided to turn on the TV to see a program called “Lovely Chocolate”. I am almost certain that the whole pun in this scene was that the male lead in the show was meant to look like Zetsubou-sensei (Mr. Despair) from the Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei series. The probably of it actually being true is also likely because when I started this series, Kitsune told me that it is the same director for both series. I couldn’t tell who the female character was, but it’s possible it may have been a character from one of the director’s series as well. The character on the TV even sounded like the real Zetsubou-sensei. So, the scene ended up being quite funny as the leads from this series were making fun of the characters on the television show. They were mentioning how he was looking older in the newest season, which is simply a funny thought. We had another constant switching of things at the table, which didn’t look appetizing at all. There was basically, a pig’s head, that through each screen shot got bigger and bigger! I really enjoyed this episode, but it may have only been because I was just feeling full of energy myself while watching it (I don’t know why). This is one of the series that can fill me so easily with joy, just from the start. This episode also seemed to give each character there own little moment to shine, which made me like them even more! This was definitely one of my favourite episodes and the next episode looks amazing as well. It seems that it’s going to have a spot light all on Yoshinoya, which automatically makes it a great episode!



  1. Go Yuno! 😀

    “all I was thinking about was that Yoshinoya rocks!”

    haha Yup 🙂

    The setting of the scene itself is very similar to one of the episodes in Zetsubou Sensei where the radio show plays in parallel to manga artist trying to come up with inspiration to draw 🙂 In this Hidamari episode, it is the background sound of TV instead of radio. The characters of Hidamari are also art students, so there are several coincidences 🙂

    “This is one of the series that can fill me so easily with joy, just from the start. ”

    Yes, I feel the same 🙂

  2. I was cheering for Yuno too!

  3. @Kitsune: Oh, I don’t remember that episode in the series, do you know which episode in specific by chance? Well, it doesn’t really matter anyway…and thank you for clarifying that up for me.

  4. Zoku Sayonara Zetsubō Sensei – Episode 3 🙂

  5. […] this article was Quoted from this page. I felt really hyper while watching this episode, I was just so excited to see some more Hidamari Sketch and of course I wasn’t disappointed at all! This was once again a great episode that focused around the fact that it was the school’s field day! Actually, when I was in elementary school, I had […] […]

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