Posted by: lostty | August 30, 2008

Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu episode 7

Well, this is a late post, but it’s better very late than never. I’m going to make this post relatively short only because it’s so late and nobody really cares for this episode anymore because it has been awhile since it was released. Anyway, as predicted, Haruka’s father found out about her hobby. He took all her merchandise, which was quite extensive; much to my surprise. From the things she had, I was able to spot out some dangos, Horo from Spice and Wolf on a cup, Shana and Kino. Her father had pretty ridiculous rants, he mentioned a lot of stuff about how anime and manga were such vulgar and foolish hobbies; definitely amusing. So, her upset father decided to release the Hell Hounds to go get Haruka back because she escaped before she was able to get punished. Something that was constantly done in this epsiode was that many of the situations were very exaggerated, like these supposedly Hell Hounds, who are basically just a mini army who came out of nowhere. When Haruka and Yutto finally come into the scene, it was left off from the last epsiode and we start it all off on a romantic note. Though, Hazuki ruins it by letting herself randomly into the house and deciding that she has to stay to protect Haruka. One thing leads to another and everyone ends up deciding to let Haruka stay for the night. It was very amusing when they were having dinner and Haruka mentioned how she admired Ruko’s ability to hold down liquor and that she wanted to be just like her! It’s hard to imagine Hruka ever drinking any type of alcohol only because she is so innocent in every way.

Mika calls Yuuto to tell him that things are still pretty much the same, meaning they are still being hunted down like prey, she also mentions how he should be careful considering it would be Haruka’s first time. I’m glad Yuuto responded by just telling Mika that she knows way too much for her age because I was thinking the exact same thing. Hazuki was pretty funny when she was drunk because she was still able to keep her composite and aloof attitude, but she still ended up bumping into walls and mistaking the fridge for a front door. Yuuto had to carry the sleepy Haruka to the guestroom, which is when he started thinking perverted thoughts about her. In general it was pretty ridiculous, but they always seem to add a fanservice moment her and there in this series. As Yuuto lays in his own bed, Haruka comes to visit him, telling him how she’s is scared of the dark and how she wants to sleep in the same bedroom as him (not with him, if I’m not clear enough). Yuuto was obviously in panic, but he still accepted and she lay out her bed on the floor beside him. As a Yuuto had a five second flashback, it becomes evident that there is something about Yuuto’s past that we still don’t know about yet. There was the costume in the last episode that he was familiar with and now there was a girl who was giving him a magazine, I’m actually curious to what the story might be. Haruka ends up asking him to hold hands, which was really cute. There was obviously some more blushing at this moment, but I’m starting to get used to it. Also, something I never really expected myself to say is that Yuuto actually looks good when he isn’t wearing glasses! By the next day, Haruka’s location gets discovered, which leaves them all in danger. The Hell Hounds surrounded her house, which was actually quite amusing to watch.

Her father then comes randomly into the house, which seems to be something common at Yuuto’s house apparently. The battle then began, which was complete with chainsaws and samurai swords; very comedic. Haruka finally gave the speech we were all waiting for, which was the speech about why she loves being an otaku, it was actually a very touching scene. After Yuuto got thrown into a wall, his glasses ended up falling off for no reason because it obviously makes him look better. I think in this episode the animators realized how much better Yuuto looks without his glasses, sooner or alter I bet he’ll just stop wearing them all together with. Yuuto finally stood up for Haruka and it was just so beautiful! It was such a great moment and I loved it so much. Mika and Nanami came for the battle as well only to bring a surprise guest who was Haruka’s mother who was also defending her hobby. Naturally, the battle ended at that, but the whole thing still was epic. It also had a great ending, Haruka and Yuuto are made to be! I also like the smile Yuuto gave, even if it was mostly blushing it was still fairly appealing. In all this was an extremely amusing episode and I’m glad that the romance increased from just having those two blushing. This was probably my favourite episode so far, only because it was just so dedicated to Yuuto and Haruka, who are obviously made to be! The series continues to surprise me, so I’ll pretty surprised to what will happen next with the series. What we need now, is more on the love triangle because Shiina seems to have been completely forgotten from this series.


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